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Sky News's foreign and political journalists offer their analysis on the UK's response to Russia's interference threat.

Four Corners on Mullumbimby: 5G coronavirus conspiracies could be spread by Russia
G activists have been keeping a constant vigil outside a mobile phone tower in northern NSW as they seek to stop Telstra upgrading it with new technology.

Russia report: UK is playing catch-up on fighting disinformation - it cannot afford to lose
The Russia report failed to note how UK political scoring makes the system vulnerable to exploitation, Deborah Haynes writes.

Liam Fox is the latest in a long line of victims duped by Russia's GRU
Over the past 20 years, the military intelligence agency has stolen information from targets around the world ...

Russia surprises Cyprus with move to scrap tax deal
MOSCOW/NICOSIA (Reuters) - Russia’s finance ministry said on Monday it would scrap an agreement with Cyprus aimed at avoiding double taxation after talks to modify the deal failed, a decision ...

Russia gears up for mass vaccination against coronavirus despite international skepticism
Doctors and teachers would be the first to be vaccinated, Russia's health minister said, while mass vaccinations are planned for October.

Russia claims to be ahead of rivals in race to produce Covid vaccine
Moscow says it will start production next month and mass immunisation by October ...

Former president Medvedev warns Russia set to make it harder for migrants to get work permits as Saudi-style system on cards
In a surprise move, Russia may tighten visa rules for foreign workers. Former President Dmitry Medvedev says the measure is being considered in response to law and order issues exposed by the Covid-19 ...

Russia says suspected mercenaries detained by Belarus were going to Latin America
A Russian diplomat said on Monday a group of more than 30 suspected Russian mercenaries detained in Belarus last week were only passing through Minsk and were on their way to an unnamed Latin American ...

Coronavirus vaccine update: Russia aims to produce 'millions' of virus doses by 2021
Gamaleya's vaccine is a so-called viral vector vaccine, meaning it employs another virus to carry the DNA encoding the needed immune response into cel ...

Russia could produce MILLIONS of Covid-19 vaccines every single month by 2021 – Trade & Industry Minister
Production of Russia’s homegrown coronavirus vaccine is due to begin in September, and by the start of 2021, the country could be creating several million doses a month. That’s according to Russia’s ...

Russia’s fattest woman dead at 57 after appearing on local answer to Jerry Springer weighing 55 stone
RUSSIA’s fattest woman has died aged 57 after appearing on a local answer to Jerry Springer weighing 55 stone, it’s reported. Lyubov Nurdinova passed away at home after suffering from ...