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News for Machete

Jeremy Jye Anthony Chapman: Bail denied for alleged vicious machete attack on Stradbroke
A man who police allege cut up a North Stradbroke Island land owner with a two-foot machete has been described by a magistrate as allegedly behaving like a “stone cold psycho”.

Johnstone thug took machete and knife in to the street as he "wanted to be arrested"
A Johnstone thug who ran about the street topless with a machete and a knife will return to court in the new year for sentencing. David Sloan of McDowall Street admitted he was in possession of both a ...

Man armed with machete steals cash from Chelmsford gas station
A man armed with a machete stole money from a Chelmsford gas station Saturday night, said police, who continue to search for the suspect. Chelmsford Police Chief James M. Spinney said officers were ...

Chelmsford Gas Station Robbed By Man With Machete; Search on for Suspect
Police are searching for a suspect in Chelmsford following an armed robbery at a gas station in town Saturday evening. Officers responded to New World Gas Station at 270 Littleton Rd. around 9:30 p.m.

Woman Threatens People With Machete at Walla Walla Park
A 35-year-old Walla woman is behind bars after police arrested her for chasing people in a park with a machete. The incident occurred at Wildwood Park where Shelby Brown was allegedly yelling at ...

Machete attack by thug in high-vis jacket leaves man with life-changing injuries
A man was left with life-changing injuries after a machete attack early today. The victim, in his 30s, was found on Manchester Road, Accrington, near to Grants Bar. Police believe the culprit was ...

Machete-wielding suspect robs Chelmsford gas station
Police are on the lookout for a masked robber who stole cash from a Chelmsford gas station while wielding a machete on Saturday night.

Police searching for man armed with machete who allegedly robbed Chelmsford gas station
Police are searching for a suspect in connection with an armed robbery at a Chelmsford gas station on Saturday.Officers responding ...

Offensive sandwich placement leads to machete attack
A sandwich on a blanket led to an alleged machete attack Dec. 2. Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Miller said he was sent to Old Mill Road on an assault call and found Owen Martin lying face down ...

Appeal following machete attack in Accrington
Lancashire Police are appealing for information after a man was attacked with a machete in Accrington yesterday morning (Saturday, December 4th). We were called at around 6.20am to reports the man, ...

Walla Walla Police arrests woman for threatening people in park with a machete
Walla Walla Police Officers were dispatched to Wildwood park for a woman threatening people with a machete. WWPD says when the first officer arrived, the woman was yelling at people and saying she was ...

Man arrested after machete incident
A 40-year-old Big Pine Key man was arrested Wednesday after allegedly threatening another man with a machete. Joshua Aaron Herald was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, according to ...