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Quantum interference of currents was first observed in a superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID). Here, the authors demonstrate quantum interference of currents in the atomtronic analog of ...

China's FAST telescope detects extragalactic neutral hydrogen for dark matter study
China's Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST) under maintenance in southwest China's Guizhou Province. (Xinhua/Ou Dongqu) Scientists detected the neutral hydrogen line emission ...

Ohio colonial Rufus Putnam had no idea his town would become a beachhead in driving paradise
Photo by Josh SweeneyHad he been born 200 years later, Rufus Putnam would have probably driven a Corvette. I can’t be certain, of course, but as I pulled into Marietta, Ohio, the town he founded some ...

Wearable piezoelectric mass sensor based on pH sensitive hydrogels for sweat pH monitoring
Colorimetric and electrochemical (bio)sensors are commonly employed in wearable platforms for sweat monitoring; nevertheless, they suffer from low stability of the sensitive element. In contrast, mass ...

Scientists Identify Violent Origin Of Pluto's Smaller Moons
A new study revealed that Pluto’s four smaller moons might have been formed following a violent impact on Charon, the dwarf planet’s largest satellite.

nPower’s New Power Shell and Power Thicken Powers Up Your SOLIDWORKS Shelling
Power Software’s new Power Shell and Power Thicken software additions for SOLIDWORKS were made to handle any and all problems related to shelling. With them, you’ll have fewer adjustments to make to ...

First Exposed Planetary Core Discovered – An Extremely Unusual Planet in the So-Called “Neptune Desert”
The newly discovered exoplanet TOI 849 b offers the unique opportunity to peer inside the interior of a planet and learn about its composition. It orbits around a star about 730 light-years away, ...

Nuclear War Simulation Is Not A Game To Win
To capture this fuller feeling of human impact, the simulation includes a population density grid, to render an impact not just in terms of blast radii, but in the deaths and injuries that can easily ...

Possible Formation and Evolution Track of TOI-849B from Its Origins to Present Day (image)
The track is shown in the plane of semimajor axis in astronomical units (AU), that is the orbital distance from the star, on the x-axis, and the radius of the planet in units of jovian radii on the ...

igus joins Profibus Nutzerorganisatione.V. as cable specialist
In order to advance the research of Profinet technology in moving applications, igus has now joined the ProfibusNutzerorganisatione.V. as a cable specialist. According to the results of a study by IHS ...

FAST detects neutral hydrogen emission from extragalactic galaxies for the first time (Study)
Extragalactic neutral hydrogen detection is one of important scientific goals of FAST. Recently, an international research team led by Dr. CHENG Cheng from Chinese Academy of Sciences South America ...