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News for Russia

Putin says Russia and U.S. should agree not to meddle in each other's elections
President Vladimir Putin called on Friday for an agreement between Russia and the United States to guarantee not to engage in cyber-meddling in each other's elections.

Russia doesn't plan lockdowns despite increase in coronavirus cases: Kremlin
Russia does not plan to impose severe lockdown restrictions despite a growing number of COVID-19 cases, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Friday. Russia's daily tally of new coronavirus cases ...

Iran, Russia discussing joint production of COVID-19 vaccine - agencies
Iran and Russia's sovereign wealth fund RDIF are discussing the joint production of a vaccine against COVID-19, Russian news agencies cited the Iranian ambassador to Moscow as saying on Friday. "We ...

Trials of Russia coronavirus 'vaccine' show questionable results 'very unlikely' to be a coincidence
Initial reports on whether the Sputnik V vaccine safely produces an immune response were published in the Lancet this month.

Moscow mayor urges more home-working as Russia's new COVID cases hit three-month high
The mayor of Moscow urged businesses on Friday to get more people to work from home as Russia's daily tally of new coronavirus cases hit its highest since June 23.

At UN, China, Russia and US clash over pandemic responses
China, Russia and the United States have clashed at the United Nations over responsibility for the coronavirus pandemic ...

Russia has no xenophobia problem, Kremlin says, as poll shows 73% of Russians want restrictions on labor migrants
Russia has no issues with xenophobia, the Kremlin insisted on Friday. The statement came in response to a new study which discovered that 19 percent of citizens support the concept of “Russia for ...

Vladimir Putin Claims He Doesn't Want Russia And US To Meddle In Each Other's Elections
Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday called for an agreement on cyber relations with the United States and requested that the two countries not influence each other's elections.

Banned for selling Bitcoin: Russia censor adds Binance - world’s largest crypto-exchange - to list of restricted websites
Russia’s federal censor Roskomnadzor has added Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, to its list of prohibited websites. However, despite being banned, access to the website has, ...

Russia’s war games unite West-weary allies
President Vladimir Putin was to oversee military exercises on Friday as Russia stages a series of drills with China and other allies amid fresh tensions with the West.

The Week In Russia: The Lonely Lessons Of A Secret Swearing-In
Alyaksandr Lukashenkas rushed hushed-up inauguration ceremony in Belarus may evoke memories for Vladimir Putin and contain a warning about the futu ...