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News for Venezuela

Pandemic fuels Venezuela’s worsening child labour crisis
Coronavirus quarantines coupled with mass migration due to deepening economic woes have boosted the number of children fending for themselves in Venezuela, child rights activists warn. Since the onset ...

Venezuela: And Yet It Moves
The most impressive rebellions that have taken place over the past half decade—the gilets jaunes, Minneapolis, Chile, and now Colombia—have left political parties and established organizations behind.

Old Clip From Venezuela Falsely Linked to Post-Poll Violence in WB
This comes amid a huge amount of misinformation which is being shared in the light of the post-poll violence which was reported out of the state. We fragmented the video into several keyframes using ...

Venezuela, the Failed State on Our Doorstep
Two years ago, on April 30, 2019, the Venezuelan people took to the streets to reclaim their democracy from the illegitimate rule of Nicolás Maduro. Yet for now, Maduro still clings to power. In so ...

Venezuela learns Vietnam s experience in Doi Moi
Through the right directions and policies issued by the Vietnam Communist Party, together with the heartful and active participation of all economic sectors and social classes, the country had ...

Venezuela’s Popular Democracy under Siege: A Conversation with Elías Jaua
Chavez’s former Vice President and long-time minister talks about the internal dynamics of the Bolivarian process.

Venezuela: “Almagro and Lima Cartel Promote Lies Against Us”
Entornointeligente.com / Executive Vice President of the Republic Delcy Rodríguez denounced that Venezuela is facing a media lynching against its political and social leaders, as well as the ...

Venezuela fears malaria more than Covid
Luz Martinez has caught malaria three times, the last of which was when she was six months pregnant with her fourth child. Like many Venezuelans, she fears malaria more than Covid-19.

Private equity funds eye Venezuela acquisitions on hopes Biden could ease sanctions
At least two private equity funds are seeking to acquire stakes in Venezuelan companies that have survived the country's economic crisis, spurred in part by optimism that the Biden administration ...

Give Venezuela back its gold
KEN LIVINGSTONE writes on new revelations about previously denied collusion between the Bank of England and the Tory government to steal Venezuela's gold in support of US-backed regime change ...

Venezuela lawmakers OK opposition members for election board
Venezuela’s National Assembly named two opposition members, including a formerly jailed activist, as election officials Tuesday, another step in what appears to be an effort by President Nicolás ...

Venezuela's Maduro receives samurai sword gift from actor Steven Seagal
Maduro received a samurai sword as a gift from actor Steven Seagal, who was visiting the South American country as a representative of Russia, state t ...