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News for Water Pipe

Island residents told to store water after leak in main pipe
About 5000 Moreton Bay island residents have been warned to start storing water after a main water pipe between Macleay and Lamb islands started leaking.

Fifty complaints a day about Wellington's leaky water pipes
More than 50 complaints are being made daily as Wellington’s ageing pipes spring new leaks at an accelerated rate. One leak, on Tinakori Rd, near the Prime Minister’s official Thorndon residence, is ...

Want to know what is in your water tank?
WATER woes have become a thorn in the side of Malaysians over recent months but did you know some experts have shared that while local water treatment plants would make water safe to drink, the catch ...

Thousands of homes in Massachusetts still have lead water pipes, and many residents don’t know
Despite the grave dangers of lead, which can cause lifelong health problems, especially for children, there are an estimated 220,000 lead service lines in Massachusetts.

Water Pipe Industrial Boilers Market Opportunity 2021
To offer an in-depth outlook of the Water Pipe Industrial Boilers market we have released a brand new statistical study on the Global Water Pipe Industrial Boilers Market Research 2021-2027 to our ...

Arizona water users preparing for first-ever cuts to CAP
PHOENIX ( - Arizona cities, towns, farmers and ranchers are preparing for the first-ever cuts to the state's allotment of Colorado River water. The cuts are the result of a drought that's lasted 26 ...

Water line woes put summer Lake Antoine camping in doubt
Aging water lines at Dickinson County’s Lake Antoine Park are falling apart, putting this year’s camping season in jeopardy, the county board learned Monday. “It’s not looking good,” Controller Brian ...

More water woes due to two pipe bursts
Residents of Louis Trichardt and Tshikota’s water woes are set to continue with the main water supply pipeline suffering not one but two pipe bursts. The Vhembe District Municipality (VDM) has ...

Global Water and Wastewater Pipe Market Growth 2020-2025 Market Size, Share, Value, and Competitive Landscape 2020
According to this study, over the next five years the Water and Wastewater Pipe market will register a 2.9%% CAGR in terms of revenue, the global market size will reach $ 437 million by 2025, from $ ...

Call to reintroduce domestic water charges sparks fury
The Government has been told to reconsider domestic water charges as accelerated investment is needed to extend and upgrade the country’s water ...