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Nashville Predators vs. San Jose Sharks Preview: Into the Shark Tank
About the only thing keeping them from being unstoppable has been their goaltending: Martin Jones has struggled, stopping fewer than nine out of every ten shots he’s faced this season for a sv% of ...

Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Ottawa Senators – Game #72 Preview & Projected Lines
He went through a tough period before that, going five starts without a Sv% over .900 and just one win. On the year, he’s kept up with his historically average numbers for a backup — with a ...

Cult of Hockey Player Grades: The Edmonton Oilers deliver a solid defensive effort in 4-0 win in Columbus
Has a SV% over .920 since he took over the #1 job. CONNOR McDAVID. 9. Absolutely dominant. Blow the doors off in the 2nd frame with no less than 3 assists. A perfect give-and-go with Leon ...

Cult of Hockey player grades: Oilers hold off the Canucks 3-2, keeping Edmonton's slender post-season hopes alive
Also stopped Elias Pettersson on a 2nd Period 3-on-1. Now boasts a SV% of over .930 over his last 9 games. Koskinen played most of the night like an “8”. But the reason the Canucks were even ...

Nashville Predators vs. Carolina Hurricanes Preview: Intensity
Mrázek has a sv% of .904 this season, but he also has a career sv% of .933 and record of 7-0-0 against the Nashville Predators, so it will be interesting to see which Mrázek the Preds get. Or maybe I ...

The Flyers & The Trade Deadline, a retrospective.
Mase played seven games with the Flyers after the trade deadline and posted a SV% of .944. And yes, reader, it was a small, tiny, microscopic sample size, but it was enough to earn him a contract ...