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Australian mining group asks government to repeal nuclear power ban
The Minerals Council of Australia or MCA issued a communiqué calling on the Scott Morrison administration to repeal a current ban on nuclear power. The release followed Morrison’s comments last week ...

Australian retail shareholder group says to vote against AMP pay proposals
SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australia's most prominent retail shareholder group said on Wednesday it will vote against AMP Ltd's executive pay proposals for a second straight year, adding to pressure on the ...

Australian formula maker Bellamy's gets a nod from China, shares leap
(Reuters) - Infant formula maker Bellamy's Australia said on Wednesday it won approval to sell some products in Chinese stores, easing a regulatory roadblock that had beset the company for years and ...

South Australian child ‘sex tourist’ branded the worst paedophile in nation’s history
The crimes of an Adelaide child sex tourist are the most serious of their kind in Australian legal history, a court has heard. Ruecha Tokputza, 31, appeared in the District Court today after pleading ...

Australian-Sri Lankan lost his wife and only child in Easter attack
People attend the funeral of a person killed in the Easter Sunday attack on St Sebastian's Church, on April 23, 2019, in Negombo , Sri Lanka. (CNN) - Wearing a bright yellow dress and a flower in her ...

Edmonton Wine Guy: Australian Wines
Edmonton “Wine Guy” Gurvinder Bhatia discusses the surge of quality wine coming out of Australia.