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News for Stamps

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Fascination with stamps stays alive through the years in Lincoln
Many stamp collections represent an area of personal interest. As one club member's parents were German immigrants to the U.S. after World War II, his personal collection contains many German ...

Winter Scenes forever stamps arrive Oct. 16 in double-sided panes of 20
US Stamps & Postal History; Winter Scenes forever stamps arrive Oct. 16 in double-sided panes of 20; Postal Updates; DeJoy says he’s happy as PMG, wants to remain ...

New stamps feature mosques in Taipei and Taichung
Chunghwa Post on Tuesday is to release a set of stamps featuring two Taiwanse mosques to highlight cultural diversity in the nation, it said. The two-stamp set features the Taipei Grand Mosque and the ...

Memorial stamps released on Bangabandhu's first Bangla speech at UN
The postal department has released a memorial stamp and an opening envelop of Taka 10 and data card and a special seal of Taka 5, marking Bangabandhu's first Bangla speech at the 29th General Assembly ...

Stamps by Me Decorative Frames Last...
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Stamps of the Kingdom of Hungary
King Franz-Josef (1830-1916), and coat of arms of Hungary. Denomination in Kreuzer or Krajczár. Valid until the end of 1876.

Inside Linn’s: Panoramic stamps offer big views
Also this week, sharing up-to-date information on U.S. domestic postal rates, and exploring the tangled connection between grace periods and first-day covers for the U.S. 1974 6.3¢ Liberty Bell coil ...

Beverage, cigarette dealers have 5-days to acquire digital stamps
Manufacturers and importers of beverages and cigarettes have five days to have their products stamped with the Digital Tax Stamp (DTS), or their goods will not be on the market. The DTS is a ...

Postal Service unveils 2020 holiday stamps
As families plan out fall photos in plaid for this year's Christmas cards, a sneak peak at 2020 holiday stamps.