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News for Native

Oyster 'maternity ward' to boost native in River Conwy
Oysters in a Welsh river could see their numbers rise to 10,000, thanks to an "oyster maternity ward". The Zoological Society of London, Blue Marine Foundation and British Marine received nearly £1.2m ...

Native Council of P.E.I. asking community members for input on John A. Macdonald statue
The Native Council of P.E.I. is consulting with its members about the future of the Sir John A. Macdonald statue, which sits on a bench in downtown Charlottetown.

Native Council program aiming to keep Indigenous youth out of justice system
A new program is aiming to connect off-reserve Indigenous youth who are in conflict with the law with their traditional teachings, in the hope of keeping them out of the justice system. The Native ...

Native wildflower boom during COVID-19 pandemic
When the COVID-19 pandemic tightened its grip on the global flower industry, West Australian-based sheep and wildflower farmers Clive and Maureen Tonkin changed their business from export focussed to ...

Bedford native takes command at CFB Halifax
CFB Halifax is officially under the command of a Nova Scotian. Navy Capt. Sean Williams, born and raised in Bedford, took over as commander of the base at a ceremony Wednesday. Rear-Admiral Brian ...

The lesser-known side of Utah native, actor Wilford Brimley
The day Wilford Brimley died, Stephen Colbert tweeted out a video. Unlike the many tributes that had started flooding social media, Colbert’s post didn’t mention Brimley’s walrus mustache or the ...

Native Tongue sign Liam McGorry, aka Ex-Olympian
Independent music publisher Native Tongue has signed Melbourne singer-songwriter Liam McGorry, aka Ex-Olympian.

Native Quebecer Farah Alibay stands out as a NASA systems engineer
Born in Montreal, Alibay moved to Joliette when she was two and to England when she was 13. She says she was inspired by Julie Payette. Growing up in the small Quebec city of Joliette, Farah Alibay’s ...

Minnesota native living in Lebanon shares his experience with the explosion in Beirut
And then instantly it was just like, what happened, where did this happen?” Hamoud and his family live in Beirut Lebanon, about seven miles from the site of the explosion. “We felt it here, and ...

Beirut native in Placer County watches for updates on blast that injured family
From his Placer County home, a Beirut native watched the Lebanese news eager for any updates on the blast that killed at least 135 people while injuring ...