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News for New York Central

Vaccines come to New York's Grand Central Terminal
As the pace of COVD-19 vaccinations slows, New York is trying to make it as convenient as possible for people to get shots. In partnership with SOMOS Community Care, six sites have been set up in ...

Joan Rivers’ New York Penthouse Listed for $38 Million — Plus, Why She Believed It's Haunted
Joan Rivers' luxurious Manhattan home is back on the market! The Upper East Side penthouse, which was home to the late actress and comedian, will be up for sale for $38 million. The apartment is just ...

A cut above: Central Park barber is New York's latest attraction
Shortly after coronavirus shut down New York last spring, Herman James picked up his clippers, headed outside and found himself a new identity: the Central Park barber.

New York's newest attraction: the Central Park barber
Shortly after coronavirus shut down New York last spring, Herman James picked up his clippers, headed outside and found himself a new identity: the Central Park barber. A year on, business is good for ...

New York officials monitoring pipeline shutdown, Republicans call for suspension of state gas tax
New York officials sought to assuage fears of fuel shortages on Wednesday as concerns grow in the wake of a crippling cyberattack that shuttered one of the nation’s largest gas pipelines. Top ...

New Yorkers And Tourists Flock To Convenient Subway Vaccine Hubs On Opening Day
The vaccine site at Grand Central Station witnessed hefty demand early Wednesday, and Coney Island recorded a lengthy line, too.

New York City to offer free Covid vaccines to tourists
To encourage the return of tourists New York City will be offering Covid vaccines at tourist sights throughout the city ...

See list of 86 new businesses, corporations filed in Central New York
We are now reporting on new businesses filed in Cayuga, Madison and Oswego counties, as well as Onondaga County.

Unrest near New York’s Central Park as mob splashes paint on statues, defaces property; arrests made
Protesters and rioters gathered around New York City’s Central Park Thursday night and splashed red paint on the iconic statues leading into the park before marching uptown along Eighth Avenue to ...

2021 charity golf schedule for Central New York
Now that golf courses around Central New York are open, charity tournaments can take place. It’s time to start listing your 2021 tournament. If you have a charity tournament, please email the ...

Newest Central New York brewery is small, out-of-the-way and experimental
Underground Beer Lab is Onondaga County’s 19th and newest craft brewery, and one of its smallest. Its based in the back of an industrial building at 7000 Airways Park Drive, off Fly Road in DeWitt.

York Central cash at risk if plan to close Leeman Road is halted
PLANNING applications for the huge York Central project may need to be resubmitted and millions of pounds of funding for the scheme could be put ...