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News for Australian

Australian PM's 'inappropriate' breach of royal protocol around Prince William revealed
AUSTRALIA's former Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, was accused of breaching royal protocol with "inappropriate" behaviour around Prince William in 2014, unearthed reports reveal.

Australian shares fall as surging COVID-19 cases hit confidence
The local share market struggles for direction as COVID-19 infections surge in Victoria and the rest of the world, while the Australian dollar jumps above 69.6 US cents.

Australian Cat Survives 12-Minute, Hot Water Washing Machine Cycle Without Serious Injury
Oscar the Burmese cat found himself in hot water, but luckily escaped. According to Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) News, the 2-year-old cat from the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia ...

Australian police investigate after needles found in strawberries, avocados
Metal needles were found in a punnet of strawberries and in an avocado, and thumbtacks were found in a loaf of bread, police confirmed to ABC. Police said the items were found between June 27 and July ...

Asia Today: Australian state’s cases spike, borders to shut
MELBOURNE, Australia - The hard-hit Australian state of Victoria recorded a death and its highest-ever daily increase in coronavirus cases on Monday ...

Luton family reunites Australian relatives with lost photo
Gillian Keenan from Luton recognised her father in the photo after it was shared with a Luton Facebook group. The image shows Mrs Keenan's father Reginald Fletcher on his wedding day with his ...

The Australian Government just ordered ISPs to block 86 more websites
A Federal Court judge just ordered Australian internet service providers to block access to an 86 piracy-focused websites and has also introduced a whole new process that may result in those ...

Australian Defence Force troops to patrol NSW-Victoria border
The Australian Defence Force will reportedly deploy between 350 and 500 personnel to patrol the NSW-Victoria border when it closes in a bid to stem the spread of COVID-19.

The Latest: Australian state records highest daily increase
MELBOURNE, Australia — The hard-hit Australian state of Victoria has recorded a death and its highest-ever daily increase in coronavirus cases as authorities prepare to close its border with New South ...

Australian Strategic Materials, ZironTech produce titanium alloy with low-emission technology
Australian Strategic Materials announced that its Korean partner ZironTech has successfully produced 30 kilos of titanium metal alloy with the patented reduction process the JV has developed at its ...

Australian Opals 'Rise up' against racism
One of a team’s greatest strengths and one of its greatest challenges is that it is made up of a group of individuals. All those individuals come from different backgrounds and have varied political ...

Australian Education Survey finds teachers working longer but more creatively while working from home
Despite working longer hours and with significant mental health problems, it seems school teachers managed to discover more creative teaching methods and boost their digital literacy while teaching ...