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Montreal should restrict police use of facial recognition technology: councillor
Montreal police said through a spokesperson they have no comment on the proposed motion but they follow all laws governing their operations and investigations.

Facebook Faces New Lawsuit Over Alleged Covert Collection Of Facial Recognition Data
For the third month in a row, Facebook faces a lawsuit over the collection of biometric data. Facebook blames the latest intrusion on a camera bug that has been fixed.

Workplace Facial Screenings Could Have Consequences (Opinion)
The presence of artificial intelligence in workplaces has risen drastically, however, the technology remains highly controversial. Perhaps the workplace is better off without AI.

Global Facial Aesthetics Market
Global Trade Impact on the Facial Aesthetics Market due to COVID 19 Key Statistics Trends Followed and Other Industry Analysis The new report published by the Market research Store global Facial ...

Women use this facial expression to flirt most effectively: ‘It’s very powerful’
University of Kansas researchers say they have identified a specific and effective group of facial cues women express when they’re flirting with a potential romantic partner.

Calgarian leads the way in advocating for acceptance of those with facial differences
Watch Calgarian leads the way in advocating for acceptance of those with facial differences Video Online, on GlobalNews.ca ...

Paying with facial recognition
Many people use facial recognition to unlock their smartphones, but would you scan your face to pay for a meal instead of using cash or a credit card? With touchless devices risin ...

Facial reconstruction reveals Egyptian 'mummy portrait' was accurate except for one detail
The ancient Egyptian boy's "mummy portrait" (left) next to the newly created 3D facial reconstruction (right). Just after A.D., a young child living in Egypt contracted a deadly illness — most likely ...

Fujitsu reveals tool to counter biometric facial authentication fraud
Fujitsu Laboratories has announced a new technology capable of detecting attempts to fool biometric facial recognition systems. The tool can be installed on conventional cameras and can set apart ...

Man suffers facial injuries after verbal argument turns violent: Windsor police
Windsor police say a man was assaulted with a blunt object to his face after a verbal argument with another man turned violent.

Portland officials pass strict ban on facial recognition systems
Portland, Oregon officials have passed what could be the strictest municipal ban on facial recognition in the country. It’s not just local government units, such as the police, that can no longer use ...

Workplace facial screening is a bad idea
One of the more recent advances in AI technologies is the ability to read emotions through facial and behavioral analysis. While the emotional AI technology has largely been implemented in marketing ...