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Currency Joins Virus on Israel’s Problem List With Rate Held
The Bank of Israel’s policy agenda has come full circle with a warning that an appreciating shekel might risk the recovery of exports and inflation just as the economy opens up after a near-total ...

Globe Reporter Mark Mackinnon Claims Israel Set to “Annex” Parts of the “Palestinian Territories”
HRC previously took issue with Globe and Mail reporter Mark Mackinonn’s repeated failure to acknowledge Israel's claims to Judea and ...

WATCH: Israel’s LORA Ballistic Missile Hits a Small Mid-Sea Target
LORA is a sea-to-ground and ground-to-ground system which includes a long-range ballistic missile, a unique launcher, a command and control system, and ground or marine support system.

Israel tests 100,000 to prevent pandemic 'second wave'
Israel has launched a campaign to test 100,000 people for novel coronavirus antibodies as the country prepares for a possible "second wave" of cases, a top official said Thursday. But despite Israel ...

10,000 Israelis quarantined, 43 schools closed following COVID-19 spike
As the number of fresh cases continues to rise, health and education officials consider shuttering the school system for the rest of the academic year.

58% of Israelis Believe West Bank Annexation Could Lead to a 3rd Palestinian Uprising, Survey Finds
Half of the Israeli public supports applying Israeli sovereignty over parts of the West Bank, a new survey found, while 58 percent of respondents believe unilateral annexation by Israel could lead to ...

Pollster: East Jerusalem Palestinians feel increasingly alienated from Israel
After steady rise in residents who said they'd prefer Israeli to Palestinian citizenship, last 5 years see that figure plummet as attitudes toward Jewish state sour ...

AP Corrects: US Embassy Not in Tel Aviv After All
The Associated Press, which boasts 'world-class journalism' and 'global expertise,' has been embroiled in a number of recent gaffes in its coverage of Israel ...

Half of Israelis support annexation, 25% even with no US backing - poll
Just over half of Israelis support applying sovereignty to parts of Judea and Samaria – and a quarter believe Israel should take that step even if the United States does not support it, a new Israel ...

Israel: Sara Netanyahu servant questioned over perjury claim
Two employees of the Israeli prime minister's residence are being investigated over claims they gave false testimony in a civil case against Benjamin Netanyahu's wife, Sara, to shield her from ...

Israel’s Health Ministry warns of new outbreak following sharp spike in COVID-19 cases
Health officials say that coronavirus restrictions have been virtually abandoned amid the reopening of the economy.

IAI conducts dual LORA firing demonstration
Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), in collaboration with the Israel Air Force, Israel Navy, and Israel Ministry of Defence, conducted a twofold firing demonstration of the new production line LORA (Lo ...