With Search with & without Typos you can find bargains on eBay!

Why search with and without typing errors?

The search for items on ebay with and without typing errors combines the advantages of the two searches. Thus, besides articles with Typos also normal items are found.

This type of search then has a great advantage compared to the normal search if you are looking for bargains that are only very rarely offered at ebay. Through the additional search for these articles with tip errors you will find quite certainly also a real offer.

About Typos in ebay auctions

An amazingly large number of ebay vendors add stupid typos to their auctions when they set them on ebay.

Because of these easy-going errors every day, thousands of misspelled ebay articles are simply not sold because they can not be found by ebay's built-in search algorithms.

Because of the fact that these typo-auctions are harder to find, fewer bids are usually issued, and they cost less than if the article were properly described (if sold at all).

As a result of this fact, you can use these ebay typo to secure yourself a real typobargain. Or you can take the item you bought cheaply, put it back on eBay with correct description and make a good profit with this actually avoidable error of another one.

Common typos:

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