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This month's Community Day event takes place on Sunday, July 19 and features the popular Ghost Pokemon Gastly.

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Here are the full quest steps and rewards for Pokémon GO's first set of GO Fest weekly challenges: the skill challenge.

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The official Pokémon Go Twitter account just tweeted the latest update to the Willow Report. This time, Candela, leader of Team Valor, has brought more of Team GO Rocket's plans to Professor Willow.

Switch Pokemon Home Update Fixes Isle Of Armor Pokedex Bug
Pokemon Home's version 1.1.1 patch resolves an issue that prevented transferred Pokemon from being registered in the Isle of Armor Pokedex.

‘Pokemon Go’: Gastly Community Day added to packed July schedule
Gastly, the Gas Pokemon, will be appearing more often from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. July 19, and when it is evolved into Gengar, it will know the exclusive move Shadow Punch.

Mint-Grade Tropical Mega Battle Zapdos Pokémon Card On Auction
Heritage Auctions has a number of rare and valuable auction lots, including a Mint 9-grade Zapdos Pokémon card from the Tropical Mega Battle.

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Pokemon Go shiny Gastly and Gengar with Shadow Punch coming for July Community Day
For the upcoming Community Day, Pokemon Go shiny Gastly is the name of the game, along with Shadow Punch Gengar. While last month saw Weedle feature since it won the public vote, Gastly came second so ...

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New free-to-play Switch and mobile game Pokémon Café Mix is a challenging puzzle game with great design. Pokémon frequently branches out from its original game formula, which has led to titles where ...

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Starting today in Pokemon GO, here on July 3, 2020, there’s a brand new list of Shiny Pokemon in the wild. Spawning during this event in the wild, in Pokemon Raids, and in Pokemon Eggs, ...