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News for Colorado

Colorado residents asked to make evacuation plans as the Calwood Fire breaks out
Colorado officials are asking residents in Jamestown to make evacuation plans as firefighters continue battling the newly sparked Calwood Fire. The fire began around noon Saturday north of Jamestown, ...

Colorado's largest-ever wildfire grows to nearly 200,000 acres
The Cameron Peak Fire has grown into the largest wildfire in Colorado history. It has burned more than 199,356 acres and more than 1,500 personnel are battling the blaze. While the fire is 62% ...

Strong winds fan Colorado's largest recorded wildfire
The largest wildfire in Colorado history grew overnight as high winds pushed the blaze through rural communities and the forecast predicts more “extreme fire behavior” on Saturday. Gusts of up to 70 ...

Watch four views from the Cameron Peak fire, now the largest in Colorado's history
The Cameron Peak wildfire in northern Colorado grew to more than 187,000 acres Oct. 17 as fire crews race to contain the blaze.

Will Colorado bring back wolves? It’s up to voters
Colorado voters will decide on Nov. 3 whether the state should reintroduce gray wolves ( Canis lupus) after a nearly 80-year absence. Ballot Proposition 114 would require the state to develop and ...

CalWood Fire Emits Huge Smoke Plume Near Boulder, Colorado
Huge smoke plumes from the CalWood Fire loomed near Boulder, Colorado on October 17. Footage taken by Instagram user @lidia303zumba shows a large cloud of smoke across the sky. The Boulder Emergency ...

Smoke Plume Rises From CalWood Wildfire in Colorado
Smoke rises from the CalWood wildfire which is burning in the Boulder County foothills near the town of Jamestown, as seen from Niwot, Colorado on Saturday, October 17, 2020. Officials have declared a ...

Despite COVID-19 economy, Colorado Springs housi9ng market still hot as ever
Even with a slowed economy during the COVID-19 pandemic, Colorado continues to grow at lightning speed, putting a strain on the housing market, and keeping local real estate agents on their toes. For ...

Man described as neo-Nazi pleads guilty to Colorado synagogue bomb plot
Richard Holzer, 28, pleaded guilty to attempting to stop people from exercising their religion with an explosive or fire and attempting to destroy a building used in interstate commerce in a plea deal ...

These photos show the intense smoke from Colorado's largest wildfire ever
August and has grown to more than 270 square miles. These photos show the intensity of the state's largest fire.

2004 Chevrolet Colorado for Sale in Bedford, PA
2005 Chevrolet Colorado in Bedford, PA 1 Great Deal $1,900 98 listings 2006 Chevrolet Colorado in Bedford, PA 2 Great Deals $2,995 98 listings 2007 Chevrolet Colorado in Bedford, PA 3 Great Deals ...

Alleged neo-Nazi pleads guilty in plot to bomb Colorado synagogue
Nazi and white supremacist pleaded guilty Thursday to a hate crime for plotting to bomb a historic Colorado synagogue last year. Richard Holzer, 28, pleaded guilty to attempting to stop people from ...