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News for Harley Davidson

Harley-Davidson Is Trying To Lure In Youths By Giving Interns Free Bikes
Harley Davidson, a motorcycle company struggling to connect with young people, just announced what sounds like a dream internship for any college student. Eight lucky millennials will get free motorcycles and riding lessons so they can travel around the ...

2007 Harley Davidson 883 Custom motorcycle for sale
This mint condition 2007 Harley Davidson has 7380 miles on it, and comes with saddle bags along with a helmet. Please call Aubrey at 709-280-4362 for further information. Just arrived at Mile 1 Harley Davidson, this mint condition 2016 Iron 883 with only ...

Harley-Davidson Is Hiring Interns to Ride Across the Country
Harley-Davidson is looking for interns, but this position won’t involve fetching any coffee. Harley-Davidson’s #findyourfreedom internship involves learning how to ride a motorcycle, getting a bike and exploring motorcycle culture by riding across the ...

2012 Harley Davidson Sportster 883 Low
Just arrived at Mile 1 Harley-Davidson, mint condition 2012 883 Sportster Low with only 8843 KM. This bike will be fully inspected and certified by our service department. Financing and extended warranties are available. Please call our sales department at ...

Harley Davidson : Trade tensions with U.S. testing resolve of Chinese consumers
"I love the sound of the engine and the muscle of the motor. When I ride it, I feel free and proud," the 32-year-old said. However, Guo has his limits. Deteriorating trade ties between the United States and China could mean American imports, including ...

Harley-Davidson seeks summer interns to ride motorcycles – and maybe even keep one
A recent posting for an internship should have young motorcycle enthusiasts buzzing, and perhaps clearing their summer calendars. Harley-Davidson is seeking applicants for an internship that'll combine media marketing with open-road riding, according to a ...

What's in Offing for Harley-Davidson (HOG) in Q1 Earnings?
Harley-Davidson, Inc. HOG is set to report first-quarter 2018 results on Apr 24, before the opening bell. Last quarter, it delivered a positive surprise of 17.4%. Of the trailing four quarters, the company surpassed estimates in three while meeting in one.

Interview: Ignacio de Isusi, Managing Director for Harley-Davidson Canada
As Harley-Davidson rides into its second century of existence, it remains the iconic brand of brands, bridging motorcycling and lifestyle. But as globalization challenges iconic brands while opening new markets, it also presents a daunting task for The ...

Harley-Davidson offering internship of a lifetime
(Meredith/CNN) – College students across the country need to put the pedal to the metal if they want to score the internship of a lifetime. Harley-Davidson is not only paying eight lucky interns, but is asking them to travel across the country and ...

Harley-Davidson Offers Interns the Summer of a Lifetime
Instead of fetching lunches and taking notes, Harley offers prospective interns keys to a new bike and a summer of adventure The typical internship is pretty boring, and it sounds like Harley-Davidson thinks the typical internship is pretty boring as well.