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News for Russia

How Russia Aims to Show OPEC+ Compliance This Quarter
For the first time in Russia’s alliance with OPEC, the country is changing the way it makes oil-production cuts. This quarter, Russia -- one of the architects of the original deal to curb oil output ...

Russia Finance Chief Faces Demotion, Fueling Spending Fears
President Vladimir Putin is likely to demote the man seen as the architect of the tight-budget policies that have made Russian bonds an investor favorite, fueling fears the Kremlin is planning a ...

Russia Steps Up Airport Screening of Chinese Travellers Over Coronavirus Fears
Russian airports have stepped up screening of travellers arriving from China to try to identify people infected with the new coronavirus, airport officials said on Tuesday.

Russia’s Putin sends his constitutional proposals to parliament
Putin’s amendments include a proposal to give the constitution a clear priority over international law – a tweak seen as a reflection of the Kremlin’s irritation over the European Court of Human ...

Russia bomb hoaxes: Thousands evacuated as campaign targets Moscow
More than one million residents of Moscow have had their everyday lives disrupted as Russia remains gripped by a spate of hoax bomb threats that have led to mass evacuations. On Monday, Russian media ...

Trump's Russia adviser was escorted from the White House after 2 months on the job, as part of a mysterious security probe
Andrew Peek had only been in the job since November. His predecessors, Fiona Hill and Tim Morrison, testified in President Trump's impeachment probe.

Russia: Child among five people killed after boiling water floods hotel
Five people - including a child - have died after a pipe exploded and flooded a hotel in Russia with boiling water. A five-year-old girl and her mother were reportedly among the victims following the ...

Iran acknowledges missiles made by Russia targeted Ukrainian passenger jet
The new report identified the missiles fired at the aircraft as coming from the TOR-M1. In 2017, Iran received the delivery of 29 TOR-M1 units from Russia under a contract worth an estimated $700 ...

Russia's Mechel won't buy back stake in Elga coal mine
Russian steel and coal producer Mechel (MTLR.MM) has decided not to buy back a stake in its biggest asset, the Elga coal mine in Russia’s far east, its creditor Gazprombank (GZPRI.MM), which has held ...

Improved road between Russia and Finland boosts cross-border travel
For the first time in many years the number of travelers across the northernmost EU-Russia border checkpoint, Raja-Jooseppi / Lotta, increases. The growth was 9,2% from 2018 to 2019, the statistics ...

Russia steps up airport screening of Chinese travelers over coronavirus fears
In Russia, at least four airports – Sheremetyevo and Vnukovo in Moscow, as well as airports in Yekaterinburg and Irkutsk – have introduced screening measures to try to identify infected ...

Russia invites Belarus to set up joint ventures in sphere of space technologies
MINSK, 21 January (BelTA) – Russia invites Belarus to set up joint ventures and integrated structures for exploring space technologies. Director General of the Russian state space industry corporation ...