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Kudos to David for implementing it and kudos to Rebecca Falcon who was the original source for the idea ... See you next week, and fair warning: The next puzzle will be more challenging than normal.

Manifest Destiny’s Child Is a Young POC Female Noise Band That Won’t Be Quiet
She brought something to the group that fit better than the rest. “Kaylin always just stood out as different, almost felt like a little puzzle piece,” Gonzalez says of Martinez. "Sometimes when you're ...

Byleth from ‘Fire Emblem’ is the latest ‘Smash Ultimate’ DLC character
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Bogart’s performances in Casablanca, Beat the Devil, The Maltese Falcon, The African Queen (his academy award ... every factor seems to come together and fit like a perfect puzzle. And I suppose the ...

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ACHD to review prelim map of Spring Rock near Kuna
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2019 Fighter Of The Year: Canelo Also Rises
Somewhere in the memory banks, wedged between a 7,000-piece Millennium Falcon LEGO set and a fuzzy ... but little-known Masayoshi Nakatani was a puzzle he almost failed to solve.

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