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News for Louis Vuittons Handbags

Louis Vuitton Cherrywood Bag
When a new bag is introduced and gets sold-out within few days, then we can confirm that it’s worth taking a look. The Louis Vuitton Cherrywood Bag must be loved by a lot of fashionista’s, but we can tell why – it’s an absolute beauty. Released for ...

Louis Vuitton Trompe l’oeil Screen Bag Collection
Oh My! Fashion and Art has crossed again at the house of Louis Vuitton. Have you ever heard about the Trompe L’oeil? It’s a well-known art technique in France. And Louis Vuitton has blended this technique with their iconic handbags for the Spring ...

10 of the best Louis Vuitton handbag styles
Louis Vuitton has given us many iconic handbags, plenty of which have reached ‘It’ bag status. Here we take a look at 10 of the most iconic Louis Vuitton handbag styles, including the Speedy, Alma and the Louis Vuitton Twist

Louis Vuitton’s Monogram Lineup includes new Flower Bags
With Spring finally here and flowers in full bloom, Louis Vuitton has introduced a few new monogram designs, with the renowned designer Nicolas Ghesquiere responsible for this new addition to the company’s line-up. The Louis Vuitton Flower Bags are ...

Retail Therapy: The 'Loo-uis Vuitton' is here to flush $100K down the toilet
The luxury toilet, made from scraps of Louis Vuitton bags, makes a trip to the bathroom look a lot more like a trip to the royal throne. It's been another weird week in retail. A Louis Vuitton-inspired toilet is being sold for every luxury-hunting art ...

$100,000 Louis Vuitton Toilet
Gore worked for three months and used 24 different Louis Vuitton luxe bags valued at $15,000 total, including a $3,000 LV suitcase, to make the fully functioning Louis Vuitton toilet. The luxury toilet is currently on display at the Tradesy showroom in ...

Best things to buy from Louis Vuitton SS18
The accessories were once again a big draw, with Ghesquière updating Louis Vuitton’s famous bags with wallpaper jacquards and floral touches – perfect for spring. The Louis Vuitton LV Archlight sneakers have already been heralded as the shoes of the ...

Louis Vuitton Reminds Us Of The Spirit of Travel Once Again
Louis Vuitton Spirit of Travel 2018 collection introduces new stylish elements to our lives, although the Silhouette ankle boot and the My LockMe bag seem really familiar. Special leather goods such as the Louis Vuitton Camera Bag and the iPhone Eye-Trunk ...