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PutskA, an online store that offers a variety of baby products, is pleased to announce the launch of their new 4 pack pacifier clips. The clips come in two colors, black and white, and are unisex.

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Chicco Pacifier
Welcome to Whispered Inspirations! A place where you can be inspired to live, explore, eat, design, learn, and create. I'm Nancy. I live in border city Windsor, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan. Having ...

How to Help Your Baby Get a Better Night’s Sleep {Win a Chicco Baby Prize Pack!}
There are a lot of pacifiers out there though. Which one to choose? The Chicco PhysioForma Orthodontic Pacifier has an exclusive nipple design that positions baby’s tongue forward to maintain an open ...

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Author Dishes on Pacificer Problems
Good Day's, Page Fehling, talks with Author, Frank Johns, about his his children's book called "Paci Boy." He explains how it's helping get results for parents and kids trying to give up the pacifier.

Dolittle Review: A Forgettably Absurd Adventure
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Bullet narrowly misses sleeping baby in Fern Creek home
LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A pink cross and a pacifier are the things you expect to find in an 8-month-old girl's room. A bullet hole is not. Pictures were snapped shortly after the smoke cleared ...

Does your kid need a vitamin D supplement?
Gummies are another good option if your toddler or older kid prefers them. “For infants, I recommend parents place a drop on a pacifier and allow their child to suck it for at least 30 seconds,” ...