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World's priciest painting not a full da Vinci, claims doc
A French documentary has cast fresh doubts over the world's most expensive painting, the "Salvator Mundi" credited to Leonardo da Vinci, revealing a resulting diplomatic tussle between France and its ...

Couple Who Defaced $400,000 Painting Thought It Was a Public Art Project
The vandalism of a piece by the graffiti artist JonOne at a gallery in South Korea has prompted a debate about contemporary art.

New film lifts lid on Louvre row over famous $450 million painting
The painting became the world’s most expensive art work when it was sold at auction by Christie’s in November 2017 to the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman. In an interview for a new ...

‘Our dad’s painting is hiding, in secret place’: how Aboriginal rock art can live on even when gone
Our new research into a 1972 painting made by Billy Miargu in today’s Kakadu National Park shows how rock art can act as an intergenerational media — even when no longer visible to the eye.

A $55 Million Picasso Painting Could Signal The Art Market Is Bouncing Back
A portrait by Pablo Picasso of his lover is projected by auction house Christie’s to bring in a stunning $55 million when it hits the auction block next month, one of a handful of pricey pieces that ...

INDOT plans bridge painting project in Perry Co.
PERRY CO., Ind. (WFIE) - The Indiana Department of Transportation says there will be lane restrictions on I-64 for a bridge painting project. They say beginning on or around Tuesday April 13, ...

Painting in Nature — with Karla Pearce: A campfire by a calm stream
Should B.C. follow Ontario's lead and implement a four-week, province-wide shutdown to curtail the spread of COVID-19?

Exponents of folk motif in painting in Bangladesh
A few words about the folk art scene in Bangladesh seem necessary to better understand the artworks featured in this exhibition. The national imagination changes its tenet according to the dictates of ...

The coexistence of figuration and abstraction in Blanka Dovgan’s Action Painting (IE)
In the common imagination, the impetuousness of the painting technique first used by Jackson Pollock is absolutely linked to the purest, most instinctive and immediate abstractionism, precisely ...

Stolen Van Gogh painting remains missing after suspect arrested
A man has been arrested in connection with the theft of one of Van Gogh's earlier works from the Singer Laren Museum last year.

World's priciest painting not a full da Vinci, documentary claims
A French documentary has cast fresh doubts over the world's most expensive painting, the 'Salvator Mundi' credited to Leonardo da Vinci, revealing a resulting diplomatic tussle between France and its ...