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News for Art

The Batman Fan Art Shows Lighter Version Of Robert Pattinson’s Suit
For those of you who’ve been wanting a clearer peek of Robert Pattinson dressed as the Caped Crusader, the below fan art provides a pretty good idea of how the actor will likely look rocking the ...

How Irish women are taking the street art world by storm with the Minaw Collective
Street art has been a massive part of Irish life for years now, making our commute to work brighter as well as being used to make political statements in our cities. Previously when the words 'street ...

Vulcan to close its Arts + Entertainment division, which includes Cinerama and Seattle Art Fair
Vulcan Inc. on Wednesday said it is closing its arts + entertainment division, as well as its filmmaking entity, Vulcan Productions, by the end of the year. Cinerama was closed for renovations and ...

Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota opened for the first time since March. Here’s what it was like.
Its vast campus and multiple galleries helped keep guests apart. Among the museum’s safety protocols are protective shields, social distancing markers and constant cleaning.

Fredericton looking for 'pandemic-related' art proposals
The City of Fredericton is looking for a professional artist to design a temporary public art piece in Phoenix Square.

Art gallery on wheels calls on Christchurch creatives
A Belgian couple promoting Kiwi art in their pop-up gallery turned home-on-wheels are on the hunt for Christchurch creatives. Nomadic Art Gallery curators Eugénie Coche and Arthur Buerms want to make ...

Art Of The Cut Podcast Eps. 49 (“What We Do In The Shadows” & “I Am Not Ok With This” Editors Dane McMaster & Yana Gorskaya, ACE))
Eps 49 of the Art of the Cut Podcast, this week Steve talks with Dane McMaster & Yana Gorskaya, ACE about "What We Do In The Shadows" & "I Am Not Ok With This" ...

Indigenous art on bins helps Ang Bennett connect the dots of her Indigenous heritage
Ang Bennett's simple idea came to mind during isolation-imposed boredom, but it has evolved into something far more profound for the Indigenous artist.

HCPSS Art Show Now Entirely Online
Artwork from the 30th annual Senior Art Show & Junior Portfolio Development Exhibition can now be viewed online.

The inaugural edition of Singapore’s Art SG fair was postponed to November 2021.
The inaugural edition of the new Singapore art fair, Art SG, has been postponed until November 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Directed by Shuyin Yang, the fair—which had already been delayed by ...

60th Annual Art at the Park transitions to year-long virtual event
The 60th annual Art at the Park will be celebrated as a year long-virtual event. The Trout Museum of Art (TMA) announced on Wednesday that its yearly event that ...

Petaluma Arts Center offers online and drive-by art shows, daily podcast
Petaluma Arts Center reaches out during Shelter in Place with online and drive-by exhibits and a daily podcast.