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Pacific Airlines launches flight attendant uniform and new brand identity
From July 31, all flight attendants of Pacific Airlines have appeared in a new uniform designed in a youthful and modern style but still retains the elegance of Asian culture. — Photo Vietnam Airlines ...

Resort in House / ALPES Green Design & Build
Completed in 2016 in Da Nang, Vietnam. Images by Hiroyuki Oki. Urban Vietnam today is rapidly expanding using symmetrical and uniform architecture (townhouses) providing boring and dry architectural ...

Welcome 'new look' Pacific Airlines
With Qantas's input withdrawn, Vietnam Air's Jetstar Pacific has rebranded to Pacific Airlines with new livery and cabin crew uniform.

Vietnam Energy Summit 2020: looking for specific mechanisms for energy development
NDO/VNA – The energy sector has grown into a large-scale industry with dynamic growth, but specific mechanisms are needed for the sector to develop further, heard the Vietnam Energy Summit 2020 which ...

Life in Vietnam amid coronavirus: free rice ATMs, viral hand washing songs – and renewed anxiety
Vietnam has confirmed 15 new infections, officially ending its 99-day streak of no new community cases. Anxiety surges again ...

Trump Raises $165 Million With Party in July, Outpacing Biden
Democrats announced that their Milwaukee convention would be almost entirely virtual, citing coronavirus concerns. Biden will skip the convention and accept the nomination in Delaware. In primary ...

Nelson Co. citizens debate removing Confederate statue in front of county courthouse
A statue of an anonymous Confederate statue has sat on the lawn of the Nelson County courthouse for over 50 years. Now, some residents are asking for it to be removed. "The statue is a representation ...

Coronavirus: British American Tobacco cries foul on illegal imports
British American Tobacco has used the COVID-19 pandemic to push for a freeze on excise duty increases from next month, claiming international border restrictions are fuelling an emerging illegal ...

World Bank: Vietnam a rising star in gloomy global economy
Experts from the World Bank said Vietnam was a rising star amid the Covid-19 pandemic, ranking the country 5th fastest growing economy.

Is Netflix’s The Trial of the Chicago 7 based on a true story?
NETFLIX is getting ready to unleash a brand new all-star film called The Trial of the Chicago 7. The movie tells the tale of a group of political activists who changed the civil rights movement ...

After 25 years, US views Vietnam as trusted partner
The U.S. looks at Vietnam as an extraordinarily important partner in the Pacific region and works with the country on issues that are globally significant ...