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Zombie Film ‘#Alive’ Revives Hope For Korea’s Movie Theaters
The film '#Alive, did so well at the box office, it has been seen as a hopeful sign that attendance at Korea's movie theaters is poised for a comeback.

How China’s horrific 13-storey ‘hog hotels’ risk new swine flu pandemic – as pigs are burned alive to fight infections
STUMBLING across one of China’s notorious ‘hog hotels’, you might easily mistake it for a brutal detention centre built to house the hardest criminals. But these 13-storey ...

Prince George's godmother reveals she's keeping the spirit of Princess Diana alive for him
Prince George's godmother, Julia Samuel, is keeping the spirit of Princess Diana alive by honouring a royal family tradition in an endearing way. Samuel, who was close friends with Diana, recently ...

Ronan Curtis strike keeps Portsmouth's promotion hopes alive
Curtis (not pictured): 14 goals for Portsmouth this season. Source: Andrew Matthews RONAN CURTIS’S 14TH goal of the season kept Portsmouth’s promotion hopes alive in the first leg of their League One ...

Tonight Alive Write Letters To Their Younger Selves
In May 2008, on the eve of Jenna McDougall’s 16th birthday, the members of Tonight Alive gathered at their vocalist’s house for the first time. They jammed songs in the garage, watched DVDs in her ...

Two Surprising Ways To Keep Your Relationship Alive
After a while – the fire tends to fizzle, and it’s normal to start looking for ways to keep a relationship alive. If you want to take your relationship from lack-luster to lustrous, you’re in the ...

The Second Amendment is Alive and Well
Recent events have shown that, politics aside, the Second Amendment is Alive and Well. The numbers show that more and more guns are being purchased. We all know that many of those are first time gun ...

If Rosa Parks were alive, she’d tell you how to change systemic racism
As we enter the fifth month of mask-wearing and social distancing, America not only has to worry about the pandemic and its effects on our country. After more than a month of protesting, Americans ...

Business owners host a short parade in Delano to keep the city's 163-year tradition alive
We're about to have a very different kind of 4th of July in this country, but a few businessmen in Delano found a creative way to still hold the city's parade.

Keep Craft Alive: Nick Schiffer, Builder and Business Owner
Take a look at the portfolio of NS Builders, the full-service Boston-based home-­building company started by Nick Schiffer, and you will get a clear sense of the caliber of construction he and his ...

Todd McFarlane's Batman Comes Alive as an Incredible DC Direct Statue
We take a closer look at an incredible Batman statue based on the artwork of Todd McFarlane and explore whether it's worth your hard-earned money.

Hearts Alive Village Animal Rescue Provides Pet Food to the Community
Hearts Alive Village Animal Rescue has expanded their Kendall’s Kupboard food pantry to become the Pet Food Disaster Distribution Center for the State of Nevada, thanks to food donations from ...