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News for Myanmar

Myanmar Has Just Five Listed Stocks. Now it Wants Another Exchange
Myanmar plans to set up a second board next year that foreigners can trade on to bolster its moribund stock market. Listing rules for the alternative venue will be less strict than on the Yangon Stock ...

Bangladesh gives Myanmar new list of Rohingya refugees
DHAKA, Bangladesh: Bangladesh on Tuesday sent Myanmar a fresh list of some 50,000 Rohingya refugees currently taking shelter in the country's Cox’s Bazar refugee camp. With the new list, Dhaka has ...

Myanmar might finally be held accountable for genocide, but the court case must recognise sexual violence
She is also a member of the Australian Civil Society Coalition for Women, Peace and Security. It has been more than two years since “clearance operations” by Myanmar’s security forces, the Tatmadaw, ...

How Myanmar Covered Up Ethnic Cleansing
Hannah Beech is a New York Times correspondent based in Thailand. Adam Dean is a frequent contributor to The Times. They visited Rakhine State in May. Produced by Jin Wu, Jon Huang and Meg Felling.

Tech could help Myanmar smash sex taboos as rapes rise
KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 16 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - T echnology could help Myanmar fight a rise in rape cases, said an award-winning entrepreneur who is using augmented reality to bring sex education ...

Human Rights Law Now Mandatory for Myanmar Law, Int’l Relations Students
YANGON—Human rights law is now a compulsory subject for law and international relations students at universities across Myanmar. The new mandatory curriculum came out of a 2016 agreement between the ...

Far out: Myanmar's first surfing team to take off at SEA Games
NGWE SAUNG, Myanmar: Competitive surfing was barely known in Myanmar a few years ago but one local beach town is riding a wave of enthusiasm to the Southeast Asia Games for the first time ever.

Ooredoo to Collaborate with Google for Digital Literacy Program in Myanmar
Ooredoo Myanmar, the leading telecom service provider in Myanmar, this week announced a collaboration with Google Asia Pacific. With this programme Ooredoo Myanmar has become the first telecom ...

The World Bank's Latest Report on Myanmar: 5 Takeaways on Growth and Risks
YANGON—The World Bank’s latest forecast predicts that Myanmar will see positive growth, risks and challenges in the short- to mid-term future. The forecast highlights the country’s growing GDP and ...

Second Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge to boost Thai exports
The second Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge to open on October 30 this year, is expected to stimulate border trade between the two countries. Access via the new bridge will help raise the value of ...

Nigerians in Myanmar meet Bamalli over election of new leaders
As part of efforts to unite Nigerians in South East Asia and the Mekong region, Nigeria’s Ambassador to Thailand, His Excellency, Nuhu Bamalli, recently visited Myanmar, where he met Nigerians ...

Far out: Myanmar's first surfing team to take off at SEAsia games
NGWE SAUNG (MYANMAR) - Competitive surfing was barely known in Myanmar a few years ago but one local beach town is riding a wave of enthusiasm to the Southeast Asia Games for the first time ever.