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News for Myanmar

Pandemic Adds New Threat for Rohingyas in Myanmar
This is what life is like for the 130,000 internally displaced Rohingyas trapped in detention camps in central Rakhine state in Myanmar: in the camps, they have no future, with little access to land ...

Myanmar Workers ‘Unlikely to Come Back for Jobs’ in Thailand
Most Myanmar migrant workers, who have returned home from Thailand, have been found unlikely to come back for jobs in this country, a senior government official said on Thursday.

Pressure grows on Myanmar to delay solar tender
The Ministry of Electricity and Energy is facing pressure from key private sector bodies and embassies over its plans to rush through a 1GW solar tender in the middle of the pandemic.

Asia Album: Myanmar female delivery rider stays strong in pursuit of prosperous life amid COVID-19 pandemic
Female delivery rider Khin Min Shin prepares to deliver food in Yangon, Myanmar, May 18, 2020. (Xinhua/U Aung) by Khin Zar Thwe YANGON, May 29 (Xinhua) -- The restriction of sit-in dining at the ...

22 Myanmar nationals detained at Gaya airport, were under scanner for attending Tablighi Jamaat event
Gaya SSP Rajiv Mishra said that the Myanmar nationals were detained as there was a Delhi Police look out circular pending against them.

Myanmar’s Opposition, Military Lawmakers Seek House Speaker’s Impeachment
The MPs have called for the Parliament Speaker to be removed over his handling of the charter change debate and for allegedly failing to fulfill his duties.

Myanmar Parliament Slashes Military’s Budget Request for First Time
US$7.5 million removed from military’s extra budget request, marking the first time the armed forces’ full spending request has been denied by the NLD government.

In Myanmar, campaigners oppose US$21 million conservation project
Campaigners in the Tanintharyi region of southern Myanmar have urged international donors to support community conservation efforts, rather than what they see as a top-down approach that ...

Investigation exposes European firms exploiting loophole to import Myanmar teak
Investigators have uncovered a scheme by European timber traders to evade E.U. laws by supplying Myanmar teak to the continent’s marine sector, including for decking on superyachts. The investigation ...

Myanmar: Hundreds Jailed for Covid-19 Violations
Myanmar authorities should stop jailing people for Covid-19 -related infractions. Most have been sentenced under the National Disaster Management Law, Prevention and Control of Communicable Diseases ...

China Turns Tide In Myanmar Politics, Suu Kyi Expected To Win Upcoming November Elections
China was initially suspicious of Suu Kyi, a pro-democracy icon and her late British husband who was a Tibetologist maintaining contacts with Tibetans in exile ...

China flips the electoral script in Myanmar; Suu Kyi set to win upcoming polls
There is no indication so far that the polls in Myanmar scheduled for November will be postponed due to the Covid-19 crisis, neither is there much doubt about the outcome.