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News for Buick

Buick gives Encore an encore with new GX crossover
Jim Kenzie explores Buick’s new Encore GX crossover, which is not, despite its name, just a different trim of the original Encore.

2021 Buick Envision Compact Crossover Looks as Good Inside as Outside
And he probably would have liked what Buick has done with the new Envision. After releasing initial exterior shots and details just over a month ago, GM has now provided our first glimpse inside the ...

2020 Buick Encore GX review: Your roots are showing
The new Encore GX is a much-needed addition to Buick's SUV lineup, but its premium intentions are overshadowed by its budget bones.

Buick Offers Employee Pricing To All During July 2020
General Motors is offering employee pricing to customers on all Buick models throughout the month of July as it looks to recoup some of the sales it lost throughout the first half of the year. While ...

Buick Velite 6 PHEV Debuts In China With 37-Mile Electric Range
Buick has yet to offer plug-in hybrid or electric vehicles in the United States but it already does so in China, its largest market worldwide. Following the release of the extended-range Velite 6 EV ...

Buick Envision interior just as nice as its exterior
The cabin design of the 2021 Buick Envision is just as pleasing to the eye as the exterior. We look forward to seeing the new crossover in person soon.

Test drive: The 2020 Buick Encore GX is a bigger little SUV
The subcompact utility vehicle has been Buick’s best-seller for the past few years, and three-fourths of its buyers now come from other brands, so Buick has added the larger Encore GX to the lineup to ...

Buick adds another solid SUV to its roster with the Encore GX
This slightly larger cousin of the base Encore is stylish, functional and fun to drive – just watch out for the pricing on its options ...

Here's what the Buick logo really means
David Dunbar Buick founded his namesake brand in 1903 and for a long time its cars wore the company name in script, but in the 1930s a logo was adopted that featured a shield with a unique design. It ...

2021 Buick Envision Reveals Sophisticated Interior In Official Photos
Buick took the wraps off the new Envision at the end of May, but it’s only now interior images of the completely revamped luxury crossover have emerged. It’s worth noting these don’t depict the North ...