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News for Colorado

Strong winds fan Colorado's largest recorded wildfire
The largest wildfire in Colorado history grew overnight as high winds pushed the blaze through rural communities and the forecast predicts more “extreme fire behavior” on Saturday ...

North Colorado wildfire destroys at least 26 homes
A wildfire in northern Colorado burned nearly 14 square miles by Monday night. The fire also destroyed at least 26 homes. Nearly 3,000 people were initially told to evacuate. (Oct. 20) ...

'It just exploded': Cameron Peak, CalWood fires drive thousands from their homes in Colorado
The CalWood Fire began burning Saturday about 50 miles southeast of the Cameron Peak Fire that has burned more than 300 square miles since mid-August.

At least 26 homes destroyed in Colorado's CalWood fire as western wildfires rage
At least four new wildfires sparked over the weekend in Colorado and Utah during what has been a record-breaking fire season in the western US.

Here's a look at all the wildfires burning in Colorado right now
Multiple fall wildfires continue to burn in Colorado, including near major population centers like Fort Collins, Boulder and Estes Park.

Colorado's Record-Setting Wildfire Season Isn't Slowing Down
New wildfires in October are rare in Colorado, but two popped up last weekend near Boulder, causing evacuations and destroying houses. Nearby, the state's largest-ever wildfire continues to grow.

Firefighters Face Intense Winds as They Attempt to Contain Colorado's Biggest-Ever Fire
Firefighters out of Windsor, Colorado, have shared footage of intensely windy conditions that they said crews have experienced as they attempt to contain Colorado’s largest-ever wildfire , the Cameron ...

Turnkey and Fully Restored 1902 Castle on 153 Pristine Colorado Acres
The 42-room Redstone Castle, which was built in 1902 for industrialist and coal magnate John Cleveland Osgood, offers 153 pristine acres and more than 2,000 feet of prime frontage along the Crystal ...

Let's Just Vote: Colorado will decide on Prop. 114
This is part of a series of statewide ballot reviews called "We Don't Have To Agree, But Let's Just Vote." Today we look at Prop. 114, about gray wolves.

Record-Breaking Wildfire Rages in Colorado
Colorado’s largest-ever wildfire, the Cameron Peak Fire, had scorched more than 204,000 acres by October 19, after fire activity increased following a brief reprieve on Sunday, local reports said .

KJAC (The Colorado Sound)/Ft. Collins-Denver Teams Up With Sonic Spotlight To Showcase New Artists
FT. COLLINS-DENVER has teamed up with SONIC SPOTLIGHT -- a new NORTHERN COLORADO music showcase and competition – and has announced the lineup for its inaugural run. Also involved are THE FORT COLLINS ...

Many homes likely lost in north-central Colorado fires
Nearly 3,000 people were forced to flee from a fast-moving fire in north-central Colorado and authorities believe a large number of homes were destroyed. The CalWood Fire started around noon Saturday ...