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Newlywed Kym Marsh flashes diamond ring as she’s seen for the first time after marrying hunky Army major Scott Ratcliff
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SDE: China’s Diamond Trade Headed for a Record Year in 2021
The Shanghai Diamond Exchange (SDE) says that China’s diamond trade is heading “for a record year in 2021,” IDEX Online reports ...

Kim Kardashian: Trespasser who sent socialite diamond ring arrested outside her home
A Kim Kardashian obsessed admirer is now spending time behind bars after his attempt to access her home failed. This was not his first time trying to reach her.

Kim Kardashian's Stalker Who Sent Her Diamond Ring, Plan B Pills Arrested Outside Her Home
Kim Kardashian received a visit from an unwanted visitor against whom she has a restraining order. However, that did not stop him from trespassing.

Kim Kardashian trespasser busted outside star’s home despite ‘restraining order’ after sending her diamond ring & Plan B
POLICE busted a trespasser outside of Kim Kardashian’s home despite the reality star having a “restraining order” against the alleged intruder. Sources told TMZ police were ...

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Biancone Confirms Diamond Wow Will Target BC Juvenile Fillies Turf
Diamond Wow, second in the Oct. 13 Grade 2 Jessamine at Keeneland Race Course in Lexington, Ky., is being pointed towards a start in the Nov. 5 Grade 1 Breeders' Cup Juvenile Fillies Turf at Del Mar ...

Diamond X Beer Co. celebrates grand opening in Billings after delays
Diamond X Beer Co. near Grand Avenue and 54th Street west is close to some homes and that's the idea to have close to a neighborhood. The new restaurant and brewery has been open and celebrated its ...

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Today's forecast is mostly clear.