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Amazon is selling the Spigen Liquid Crystal iPhone XS and iPhone X case for just $9.99. It normally sells for around $2 so this is a good chance to save a couple of dollars on a pretty great case.

Wrap your iPhone X/S in this $8 leather wallet case from Amazon
Amazon offers its AmazonBasics iPhone X/S PU Leather Wallet Detachable Case in various colors from $7.91 Prime shipped. Regularly up to $25, today’s offer is the second-best price we’ve tracked on ...

This AmazonBasics iPhone X case on sale for $8 features a detachable folio-style wallet
If you're someone who can never decide between which style of phone case you want to use, this AmazonBasics iPhone X Case could be your perfect fit. This PU leather case features a folio-style flip ...

If you have an iPhone X or XS, grab the Spigen Liquid Crystal case for just $10
The Spigen Liquid Crystal smartphone case is down to $9.99 on Amazon. This case was originally made for the iPhone X and fits the iPhone XS as well. It normally sells for around $12, and it hasn't ...

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Top 10 iPhone 11 Pro Cases that you Can Buy Without Emptying your Pocket
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IPhone 11 and 11 Pro Review: Thinking Differently in the Golden Age of Smartphones
This is impressive, but if you’re spending $1,000 on a phone, you will probably protect it with a case that covers the back anyway — just as many iPhone X owners do. The Pro models have OLED displays ...