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News for People

Storm Fionn aftermath: Thousands of people without power, snow and strong winds forecast
Rain, snow, strong winds and coastal flooding expected Snow-ice warning lifted at 7am this morning Gusts of between 90 and 110 km/h forecast for today Thousands of people without power Severe weather conditions caused disruption yesterday Storm Fionn ...

6 tips from formerly lazy people on how they overcame their lethargy
January is a tough month: While you want to stick to your New Year resolutions and lead a more productive life, the cold and dark weather (and lingering festive hangover) makes it all too easy to stay on the sofa for hours on end. Sometimes, it’s just ...

People of Kashmir tired of terrorism: Army chief
New Delhi: People in Jammu and Kashmir are tired of terrorism as they have realised it cannot give them what they want, Army chief Bipin Rawat said on Wednesday. In a Facebook Live session at the ongoing Raisina Dialogue organised by Observer Research ...

People are naming songs after body parts on Twitter – with hilarious results
Ever wondered what songs would sound like if they were named after human body parts? Maybe not, but thanks to #MusicalBodyParts trending on Twitter, some of your favourite classics are getting a whole new meaning… #MusicalBodyParts it's the spinal ...

People Are Furious After DIY Network Host Makes Anti-Semitic Remark on "Texas Flip N Move"
The DIY Network is apologizing after an anti-semitic remark was made on last week's episode of Texas Flip N Move. The episode featured a musician who bought a bus for $300, then turned it over to sisters and hosts Toni and Donna Snow to fix it up.

White people, stop reclaiming “s**thole” (and other reasons why you should read this book)
A few years into Obama's first term in office, I taught my final section of an interdisciplinary undergraduate seminar I had designed on popular music and American literature. Roughly 75 percent of the time I taught that class at this small liberal arts ...

Abbas Fails His People — Again
When Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas described Israel as a “colonialist project that is not connected to Judaism” — as he did in a speech last week that was littered with anti-Semitic overtones — the natural reaction from the pro-Israel ...

Rice University Student Paper Attempts Satire by Calling White People Disgusting
“Hey there, white people! We know. You have a day off to celebrate someone who managed to beat your system. “ This was a supposed attempt to be funny on MLK Day. The school has issued a statement saying they’re disappointed. A Rice University student ...

'Food is very much about bringing people together'
Gourmets of Galway have an exciting year in store as the city and county have been chosen as the 2018 European Region of Gastronomy - the first time the award has gone to Ireland. Last Thursday, at the Hotel Meyrick, I sat down with programme co-ordinator ...

Australia needs a road safety revolution to stop people dying in truck crashes
The safety of trucks on our roads is under the spotlight again after a horrific three days saw five people killed and more than 10 injured in truck crashes in NSW. I have been in the trucking business for about 40 years, having started at the age of 13.