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News for Rare

This Rare, Heart-Shape Succulent Looks Too Cute to Be Real
My latest crush is Conophytum bilobum, an adorable succulent (despite its mouthful of a name) that grows tiny, plump, heart-shape leaves. Also called living pebbles, this succulent is native to South ...

California Assembly meets as rare committee to talk budget
The California Assembly met in an extraordinary session Tuesday to question Gov. Gavin Newsom's administration about its plan to fill an estimated $54.3 billion budget deficit created by the effects ...

Fans go wild over 'coded message' in rare Instagram photo of actress Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie sent her fans into a frenzy on Thursday. After sharing an image eating a watermelon slice, many thought there was a 'coded message' hidden within the Australian actress' upload.

Steve Buscemi makes rare comments about death of wife Jo Andres: 'It's painful to die from cancer'
Steve Buscemi is opening up about the heartbreaking death of his wife of more than 30 years, artist and filmmaker Jo Andres.

Archaeologists unearth rare 1000 year old couple's tomb joined by 'fairy bridge'
Archaeologists in China have unearthed a tomb believed to belong to a couple that was buried together over 1,000 years ago. The couple were buried side by side and connected through a small window, ...

VERIFY: Yes, worms can live in your strawberries – but it's rare
It’s a viral TikTok challenge: people testing their strawberries to see if bugs live inside. It's disgusting and hard to swallow. These viral videos are taking over TikTok. People are soaking their ...

Dad of rare triplets hasn't seen daughters since they were born due to coronavirus restrictions
A dad of adorable super-rare identical triplets hasn’t seen his daughters since they were born almost two weeks ago and can only get glimpses from an upstairs hospital window, due to Covid-19 ...

Dad of rare triplets only sees babies from hospital window
Callie, Quinn and Minnie Hopkins were born in Co Louth 12 days ago, where they continue to thrive in the intensive care unit.

Sizewell nuclear plant ‘would threaten rare wildlife’
A new nuclear power station planned for the Suffolk coast would threaten rare wildlife on protected heathland, according to the National Trust.EDF will submit an application to the Planning ...

California Assembly meets as rare committee to talk budget | Charlotte Observer
The California Assembly is questioning Gov. Gavin Newsom’s administration about its plans to cover an estimated $54.3 billion budget deficit created by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

As Humans Stay Indoors, Extremely Rare Snow Leopards Spotted in Kazakhstan
Just 150 snow leopards are estimated to live in the Central Asian nation out of the global population of less than 10,000, and the big cats are rarely seen even in the wild, let alone within city ...

Little girl with rare disease reminds us all how much it means to hear from friends
When one of our Brave Conquers Fear friends sent a message to share some great news, she also shared a reminder how much it means to hear from a friend. Brooklyn Grace has a way to make any day a ...