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Type 2 diabetics can REPAIR their damaged pancreas by losing weight, new study reveals
Scientists at Newcastle University found type 2 diabetics can restore their pancreas to a healthy shape if they go into remission by losing around two stone.

‘Damaged wheels’ led to freight train derailment and fire
The derailment of a diesel-carrying freight train which led to a major fire happened after some of its wheels were damaged by a fault with the brakes, investigators said.

'Damaged wheels' led to diesel train derailment and major blaze in Wales
Ten of the train's wagons came off the tracks after faulty brakes damaged its wheels while it passed through Llangennech, near Llanelli, on August 26. Police officers evacuated 300 people from their ...

Elgin man charged with aggravated DUI in crash that damaged two East Dundee police cars
An Elgin man who reportedly struck and badly damaged two East Dundee police vehicles over the weekend has been charged with aggravated DUI, prosecutors said.

'Damaged wheels' and brake fault led to train derailment near Llanelli, investigators find
The train derailed and nearby homes had to be evacuated. The derailment of a freight train that caused a major fire happened because of a fault with its wheels and brakes, investigators have found.

Auckland's biggest transport fail isn't the damaged harbour bridge
In weeks, Auckland's bridge woes will be mere barbecue banter – but its crippled rail system will be months away from a fix.

Guernsey's Town Bus Terminus damaged by youths
Police in Guernsey are appealing for information after a bus shelter roof was damaged. The roof of the middle shelter at the town terminus in St Peter Port was damaged at around 7.30pm on Tuesday 15.

Whitstable high street shop damaged by suspicious fire
A town centre shop has been damaged by a "suspicious" fire. An investigation has been launched by police into the blaze which was started in some cardboard outside the Whitstable High Street store ...

North Korea CHAOS: Kim Jong-un orders nationwide 'inspection' after portraits damaged
NORTH KOREA has ordered a nationwide 'ideological education' drive after images of Kim Jong-un were found being used as scrap paper.

Springfield fire investigators searching for cause of fire that left 4 injured, killed dog, damaged 8 structures, 4 vehicles
SPRINGFIELD – Investigators ruled a fire that left four injured, displaced nine other residents, destroyed one home and damaged five others started on a front porch and is not considered suspicious.

Several homes damaged in Monroe County fire
At least three houses were heavily damaged during a fire Monday afternoon near Bloomington. MONROE COUNTY, Ind. — Three homes suffered heavy damage and two other had minor damage from a fire Monday ...

Kettering house severely damaged by fire that started in garden
A house in Kettering has been severely damaged by a fire that started in its garden. The fire started in an open area of a garden in Rosewood Place, Kettering, at about 3pm on Saturday, September 19.