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News for Stamps

Terrifying moment thug mows down victim and stamps on his head at petrol station before hero driver saves him
THIS is the terrifying moment a thug mows down a man and stamps on his head before a brave hero stepped in to save his life. Aqeel Ahmed, 24, targeted his victim after a confrontation in the car ...

Royal Mail marks 60th anniversary of Coronation Street with new special stamps
The Royal Mail has unveiled a new series of stamps to mark the 60th anniversary of Coronation Street. A total of 12 stamps have been created to honour the occasion, with eight of them dedicated to the ...

The Royal Mail is releasing special Coronation Street stamps - here’s how to get them
The Royal Mail has unveiled a new set of Coronation Street-themed stamps to mark the 60th anniversary of the TV programme later this year. The soap opera is set to celebrate a full 60 years on air in ...

P1 billion fake cigarettes, tax stamps seized
Authorities seized P1 billion worth of fake cigarettes and tax stamps during a raid on a factory in Alicia, Isabela on Saturday. The stamps, both local and foreign, indicated that the cigarettes were ...

Other Views: Now is not the time to cut food stamps
Before the pandemic, Trump wanted to cut people off the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program—also known as SNAP, or food stamps. And during the pandemic, he still does. In case you hadn’t noticed ...

Groups want Whitmer to end lifetime ban on food stamps for people with drug convictions
Advocates say the coronavirus pandemic presents a new sense of urgency to expand food assistance to people excluded because of a criminal record.

BOC seizes P1B worth of fake cigarettes, tax stamps
Counterfeit cigarettes and tax stamps worth around P1 billion were seized in a warehouse in Isabela, the Bureau of Customs (BOC) reported Sunday. BOC said the counterfeit ...

BOC seizes P1 billion worth of counterfeit cigarettes, tax stamps
The Bureau of Customs’ Quick Reaction Team and the Isabela Philippine National Police on Saturday confiscated P1 billion worth of counterfeit cigarettes and tax stamps from a warehouse in Victoria ...

E-stamps for judicial uses introduced in Puducherry
The e-stamp system will ensure that only Puducherry court fees stamp papers, printed or issued by the Puducherry government can be used in respect of all original, appellate, revisional, review ...

New USPS Stamps Commemorate Four Harlem Renaissance Figures
Stylized in soft hues, new stamps bear the likenesses of novelist Nella Larsen, philosopher Alaine Locke, historian Arturo Alfonso Schomburg, and poet Anne Spencer.

U.N. stamps pay tribute to peacekeepers
The United Nations Postal Administration salutes women in peacekeeping on a pane of 10 se-tenant stamps and labels issued May 29, the International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers.

Twitter stamps fact check warning on Donald Trump tweet
A tweet by US President Donald Trump has been marked by Twitter with a warning for the first time ever after its unsubstantiated claims were debunked by fact checkers.