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Novak Djokovic accuses critics of ‘witch-hunt’ and says there is ‘an agenda’ against him after Adria Tour backlash
World No 1 contracted coronavirus at his own event after ignoring social distancing, but believes the criticism he has received points to something more than just the mistakes he made in the last mont ...

Novak Djokovic decries ‘witch hunt’ over criticism of his unsanctioned tennis tournament
Djokovic was one of several players, coaches and family members to test positive for the novel coronavirus at the event.

Novak Djokovic accuses critics of embarking on a 'witch-hunt' against him
The world No 1 resurfaced after testing positive for coronavirus to fire back at those who expressed shock at the exhibition series that saw a range of participants catch the disease.

Novak Djokovic accuses critics of 'witch hunt' following failed tennis tournament: 'Someone has to take the fall'
Novak Djokvic says he’s the scapegoat for many after he was heavily criticised this past month for planning a charity tennis tournament in the middle of a pandemic which saw him, and several other ...

Novak Djokovic attacks 'witch-hunt' and casts doubt on US Open involvement
Novak Djokovic has accused critics of subjecting him to a ‘witch-hunt’ over his ill-fated Adria Tour event and says he is uncertain whether he will play at Flushing Meadows ...

'Watching Novak Djokovic's tournament gave me anxiety' - Donald Young
Donald Young spoke at length about Novak Djokovic's Adria Tour, and how uncomfortable he felt while watching it.

Novak Djokovic hits out at Adria Tour ‘witch-hunt’ and casts doubts over US Open participation
Obviously, there is something more than that criticism, as if there is an agenda, as if it were a witch-hunt.' ...

Novak Djokovic slams 'witch-hunt' against him following criticism over controversial Adria Tour
The Novak Djokovic-organised Adria Tour had to be abandoned last month which has seen the Serbian cop plenty of criticism, but he has now hit back ...

Novak Djokovic says he has been subjected to a 'witch-hunt'; undecided on US Open
Novak Djokovic has accused critics of subjecting him to a "witch-hunt" after his Adria Tour ended in a coronavirus fiasco, while he also remains uncertain about playing at the US Open. World No 1 ...

Coaching Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic - Wimbledon special of Tennis Legends
In the latest episode of Tennis Legends Boris Becker and Stefan Edberg talk about what it was like to coach one of the GOATs. The Tennis Legends discuss the 2019 Wimbledon final between Novak Djokovic ...

Novak Djokovic More Responsible Than Roger Federer: French Star Gilles Simon
French tennis star Gilles Simon recently came out in defence of Novak Djokovic as the Serbian star continues to face criticism for his Adria Tour in June.

Novak Djokovic hits back at 'very malicious' criticism after Adria Tour calamity
Novak Djokovic believes there has been a 'witch-hunt' against him following the aftermath of the Adria Tour which was cancelled after four players tested positive for coronavirus. The world No 1 had ...