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News for Russia

Russia makes missile offer in effort to restart talks on arms control
Russia has offered to stop deployment of a controversial missile system in an attempt to restart talks on arms control in Europe following the collapse of a cold war moratorium, in the latest outreach ...

Putin CRISIS: 38 senior MPs hospitalised with Covid as Russia cases soar past 17,000 a day
VLADIMIR PUTIN has been handed a fresh crisis after Russia reported its highest ever daily rise in cases which included 38 politicians, according to the state's latest figure.

Russia Covid: Second wave leaves morgues overflowing as shocking images show bodies stacked in corridors
SHOCKING footage shows dozens of bodies covering the floor of an overflow morgue as a second wave of coronavirus hits Russia. It comes amid fears that the country’s true death toll from the ...

Russia coronavirus: Bodies pile up in morgue as country hits one-day case record
A morgue worker from the Siberian city of Novokuznetsk captured footage of bodies piled high in corridors and a dissection room as the Covid second wave hits.

Chelsea to train in Russia before Krasnodar clash despite coronavirus fears and ‘reports bodies piling up in morgues’
CHELSEA will reportedly train in Russia ahead of their Champions League clash with Krasnodar despite concerns over coronavirus in the country. The Mail cites reports from Russia claiming that some ...

Russia blamed for airstrike on training camp in north-west Syria
Rebel groups vow to retaliate after attack in Idlib that reportedly killed 50 Turkish-backed fighters ...

Google Maps Street View: Horrifying road tragedy captured in Russia
GOOGLE Maps Street View is increasingly being used to source unexpected happenings around the world. One such moment was captured in Russia when a user came across a terrible accident.

Chelsea will train in Russia ahead of Champions League match despite coronavirus fears
The German champions have elected to train and do press conferences from their training ground in Munich, before flying to Moscow and going straight to the team hotel in the Russian capital.

Our Brexit future? Come January, it looks more and more like 1980s Russia
The shorthand we used to understand Russia back then was: nobody could get a pair of Levi’s. An upcoming VAT change could create something similar in the UK ...

Exclusive: Russia's tainted oil dispute drags on as buyers fight for payouts
Four major buyers of Russian oil are contesting the amount of compensation pipeline monopoly Transneft has offered over the supply of tainted barrels more than a year ago, three sources ...

Coronavirus: Russia used British journalist to help plant ‘chimp vaccine’ smear
A British journalist has been involved in spreading inaccurate stories about the Oxford coronavirus vaccine as part of a Russian misinformation campaign, The Times has learnt.James Wilson, 68, who ...

Russia likely to reach plateau in COVID-19 cases by early December, expert says
Russia’s situation with the coronavirus infection is likely to stabilize by early December, Deputy Director of Russia’s Central Research Institute of Epidemiology Alexander Gorelov told TASS. "Now we ...