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Fate of sinking tectonic plates is revealed: Pieces of Earth’s crust bend as they enter the mantle, becoming segmented ‘like a slinky snake’, study finds
The impact of all the different geological forces that affect subducting oceanic crust were simulated in computer models by researchers led from ETH Zürich.

From Deep Within Earth’s Mantle, This Never-Before-Seen Mineral Hitched a Ride to the Surface in a Diamond
Scientists previously synthesized the mineral in a lab using immense amounts of pressure, but they were surprised to find it in nature ...

'Mantle wind' blows through slab window beneath Panama
Volcanic gasses are helping researchers track large-scale movements in Earth's deep interior. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) scientists, together with a group of international ...

900-mile mantle pipeline connects Galápagos to Panama
A cold spring in Panama shouldn’t show strong signs of deep volcanic sources. But after researchers found one anomaly, they discovered several other sites with similarly unique signatures, stretching ...

New Mineral Found inside Deep-Mantle Diamond: Davemaoite
Calcium silicate perovskite (CaSiO3) is arguably the most geochemically important phase in the lower mantle of the Earth.

Mineral that ‘shouldn’t exist’ found in diamond harvested from Earth’s mantle
Earth diamond has yielded a mineral never detected before in nature. Called davemaoite, the namesake of prominent geophysicist Ho-kwang “Dave” Mao, the mineral is the first example of a high-pressure ...

The Queen misses out as mantle of remembrance passes from one generation to the next
The 95-year-old monarch was forced to withdraw from the Remembrance Sunday service due to a sprained back, marking only her seventh absence ...

With Holy Mantle and Wooden Cross, you can re-continue to dupe mantle from Holy Mantle
Neonomi changed the title With 2 mantles from Holy Mantle and Wooden Cross, you can re-continue to dupe mantle from Wooden Cross With 2 mantles from Holy Mantle and Wooden Cross, ...

OPINION | RESTAURANT REVIEW: Capital Hotel’s ‘secondary’ eatery dons flagship mantle
With the reopening of Little Rock's Capital Hotel in May came the reopening of the Capital Bar & Grill, the hotel's mainstay "second" restaurant and one of the town's most popular watering holes.

Dollar Tree Jumps as Activist Mantle Ridge Is Said to Take a Stake
Shares of Dollar Tree - Get Dollar Tree, Inc. Report jumped on Monday following a report that activist investor Mantle Ridge has taken a $1.8 billion stake in the discount retaile ...

These Knit Christmas Stockings Will Keep Your Mantle Cozy
Once filled with legend and lore, the Christmas stocking is now a beloved holiday tradition. If someone you know has yet to own a Christmas stocking (gasp!) or is in dire need to replace the one ...

Global Laboratory Heating Mantle Market 2021 Product Introduction, Recent Developments, Competitive Landscape and Dynamics by 2027
Global Laboratory Heating Mantle Market Growth 2021-2027 issued by offers an in-depth evaluation of all happenings in this market. The report gives an appraisal of the market ...