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News for Arizona

What to know about the Arizona app bill Google and Apple are fighting
Arizona state representatives Rep. Regina Cobb (Arizona, District 5-R) and Rep. Lego Biasiucci (Arizona, District 5-R) join 'The Exchange' to discuss their motivation behind their co-sponsored bill ...

NFL Rumor Roundup: After J.J. Watt signing, is Arizona the new free-agent hotspot destination?
Matt Harmon runs through the latest round of the NFL rumor mill including whether J.J. Watt's addition by the Cardinals will make Arizona a more enticing option for pass-catchers on the open market.

Arizona Supreme Court to Hear Challenge to New Education Tax
The Arizona Supreme Court on Thursday agreed to hear an expedited challenge to a new voter-approved tax on high-earning Arizonans designed to boost school funding.

New Arizona strategy to vaccinate those 55 years and older not consistent statewide
Arizona's switch to an age-based COVID-19 vaccine rollout means some people ages 55 and older can get vaccinated, but that's not consistent statewide.

Boom times possibly ahead for Arizona as companies relocate
A business expert in Phoenix says he expects to see Phoenix grow extremely rapidly over the next couple of years, as the state's business-friendly climate is attracting companies to relocate.

Arizona Gov. Orders Schools To Offer In-Person Learning
Arizona's governor is requiring all public schools to return to the classroom by mid-March. Gov. Doug Ducey said more than half of Arizona's schools are already open with an in-pe ...

Sedona YouTuber on the hunt for soothing sounds in Arizona
A Sedona man makes ambient sound YouTube videos that pair breathtaking Arizona landscapes with the soothing sounds of nature for an immersive experience.

Deshaun Watson trade speculation returns for Arizona Cardinals after J.J. Watt signing
Some national media members entertained the idea that the Cardinals could trade Kyler Murray for the Houston Texans' Deshaun Watson.

Arizona bill aims to make Apple, Google allow third-party payment systems on mobile
The bill would force mobile platform holders to allow third-party payment options, but notably includes an exception for game consoles and other similar devices.

Odell Beckham Jr. trade to Arizona Cardinals 'makes sense' according to Brandon Marshall
"Uh, yeah, he's going to be on the Cardinals," Brandon Marshall said of Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

Arizona State Set for Pac-12 Cross Country Championships
Pac-12 Championships Page. TEMPE - The Pac-12 Cross Country Championships take place this Friday at Chambers Creek Park in University Place, Washington. Fifteen S ...