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The Bachelor's Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham reveal they've suffered a miscarriage. The pair took to their YouTube channel on Saturday to share the news with fans.

Couple who won £101m EuroMillions jackpot tied up and robbed by gang at their luxury home
A COUPLE who landed a £101million EuroMillions jackpot were tied up and robbed by a gang at their luxury home. David and Angela Dawes won in 2011 in their third draw to become Britain’s seventh ...

Remains of SECOND child found at home of ‘couple who starved and imprisoned kids’
AUTHORITIES have found remains of a second child at the home of a “couple who starved and imprisoned kids.” On Friday, investigators revealed that they had uncovered a boy’s ...

Black Couple Forced Out of Car by Atlanta Cops, Supposedly Broke Curfew
A black couple was removed from their vehicle with incredibly excessive force by police officers in Atlanta -- and, supposedly, it's all because they were out past curfew. The viral video was captured ...

Couple are isolating on idyllic uninhabited Bahamas island with nine-month-baby
Captain Brian Trautman, from the US, and his wife Karin, live aboard their boat SV Delos and told BBC World Service they may soon be forced to leave the Bahamas due to hurricane season.

'Bachelor' couple Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph call it quits
"Bachelor" couple Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph have ended their relationship. Randolph, 25, announced the pair's breakup in an Instagram post Friday. "First off, I want to say this is one of ...

Scots couple in tears after surprise convoy with loved ones on would-be wedding day
Dorothy Connolly and Ross Macfarlane were due to get hitched on Saturday but the bride-to-be said the cancellation was a 'blessing in disguise' after her mum suffered from a stroke.

COVID-19: A couple's two week honeymoon in Singapore turns into a two month ordeal
In the span of about a month, they almost went from honeymoon to homeless. With the prospect of no roof over their heads and with only ...

Too Hot To Handle couple Bryce Hirschberg and Nicole O'Brien split
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Bozeman couple apologizes for helicopter in wilderness area
A Bozeman couple has apologized for landing a helicopter in the Bob Marshall Wilderness earlier this month. Sara and Sam Schwerin said in a statement released by a public-relations firm on Friday that ...

Scots couple living 'Disney movie' as they run empty fairytale castle in lockdown
Michael Smith, 28, from Auchterader in Perthshire, and girlfriend Laura are the only staff at five-star Ashford Castle which has previously catered for a host of celebrities.

Couple face losing £20,000 as wedding venue refuses to refund them for big day
Many frustrated couples say they are struggling to get refunds, often worth tens of thousands of pounds, from venues for weddings cancelled or postponed due to the coronavirus crisis ...