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Gypsies use 1,000 TONNES of rubble and 12 dumper trucks to build illegal camp in just three days
Around 12 dumper trucks arrived on the land at Blackbrook, Staffordshire, at 3am last Saturday. Travellers built an illegal camp there overnight, despite being denied planning permission.

Police alerted as gypsies use 12 dumper trucks to illegally build permanent camp in just a few hours under cover of darkness
The travellers' decision to move on to the land without having secured planning permission has divided StokeonTrentLive readers ...

Traffic cop loses leg after dumper rams into him, drags him on EEH
Manish K Pathakmanish.pathak@hindustantimes.comMumbaiA 32-year-old traffic police constable Chandrashekhar Chaudhary lost his leg after a speeding dumper crashed into him ...

Construction Dumper Market Next Big Thing | Major Giants Caterpillar, J.C. Bamford Excavators, Komatsu
Latest added Global Construction Dumper Market research study by AMA Research offers detailed outlook and elaborates market review till 2025. The market Study is segmented by key regions that are ...

Global Dumper Market 2020 Worldwide Industry Analysis by Top Leading Player, Key Regions, Future Demand and Forecast upto 2026
Motors Market 2020 Worldwide Industry Analysis by Top Leading Player, Key Regions, Future Demand and Forecast upto 2026; Global Electric Leaf Blowe ...

Business owners, residents fed up with illegal alleyway dumper
Residents and business owners are fed up with illegal dumpers who continue to leave a mess in their alleyway. City officials said when it comes to certain types of alleyways, property owners are ...

3 migrant workers, on their way from Mumbai to Bihar, crushed by dumper truck in UP
The driver of the dumper truck has been taken into custody. A case has been registered against him for rash driving.

Turnover and profits rise at dumper truck firm
Turnover and pre-tax profits rose at Warwickshire-headquartered dumper truck maker Thwaites during its latest financial year, according to newly filed documents.

Six of a family die in motorway accident
The motorway was closed after the accident. The injured were shifted to a hospital after initial medical aid. Motorway police handed over the bodies to Muridwala police for completing the required ...

From Gold Hot Pants To Glastonbury... 10 Times Kylie Minogue Redefined Pop Music
After over 30 years of bothering charts around the world, Kylie Minogue is one of those rare things: a pop star with longevity. Key to her ongoing success is her constant reinvention, which has helped ...

James Bond’s Car Comes to Life With Oil-Slick Sprayer, but No Ejector Seat
Aston Martin is re-creating the Bond DB5, as seen in “Goldfinger,” with all the (responsible) spy gear it could stuff into it.

Swindling investor lands man behind bars
A Bindura man, who swindled a Singaporean investor Ramason Bupendra of mining machinery worth US$500 000, has been sentenced to an effective seven years in prison.