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News for Dumper

Coachella puppy dumper pleads guilty
INDIO, Calif.- - A woman accused of dumping seven puppies near a dumpster in Coachella pled guilty in Indio court today. Deborah Sue Culwell, 54, was first arrested in April for the alleged crime.

Thieves steal nine-tonne dumper trucks from Linwood sports centre
The trucks were discovered by police more then 20 miles away after being stolen from a building site. Crooks nicked two giant nine-tonne dumper trucks from a Linwood sports centre. Brazen thieves ...

Ausa steps forward with reversible dumper
Ausa showcases its latest dumper – the AR1001AHG, with a fully-reversible cab The new DR1001AHG dumper is an innovative 10 tonne machine with a reversible driving position. As well as a new-look ...

Dumper in no-entry zone runs over woman
Pune: A speeding dumper ran over a woman pillion rider outside Sant Gadge Maharaj School on Kondhwa Road, which is out of bounds for heavy vehicles, around 8.15am on Saturday. Police identified ...

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Materials Handling Dumper
Dump trucks are an essential equipment for construction and mining industries. They are used for hauling, excavation and materials handling. Finding the right type of dumper for a project is a ...

Woman riding pillion on bike dies after dumper hits her
MUMBAI: A 56-year-old homemaker, who was travelling with her husband on a bike, was killed after a dumper rammed into them at Goregaon E on Monday. Kailashben Panchal was seated pillion on her ...

Materials Handling: Dust-Tight Drum Dumper
Flexicon has introduced a Tip-Tite drum dumper that is designed for use with poorly flowing or agglomerated materials, allowing rapid transfer of free- and non-free-flowing bulk solid materials ...

Olympic Steel Announces EZ-Dumper® Asset Acquisition
Olympic Steel Inc. (ZEUS), a leading national metals service center, today announced that it has acquired certain assets related to the manufacturing of the EZ-Dumper ® hydraulic dump inserts.

Accused Coachella Puppy-Dumper to Stand Trial on Animal Cruelty, Abandonment Charges
A Coachella, California, woman suspected of dumping seven newborn puppies in a trash bin was ordered Wednesday to stand trial. A judge ruled that enough evidence was presented at Deborah Sue Culwell's ...

Almeria ‘fridge dumper’ now faces trial
THE viral video of a shop employee dumping a fridge over a ravine in the Los Filabres hills has landed the man with a court appearance and a possible prison sentence and hefty fine. The online video ...

Rigid Dumper truck driver
Disclaimer: This vacancy is based in the United Kingdom. Barker Ross Recruitment only operates in the UK and can only process applications from candidates who are currently a resident and eligible to ...