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How to Crackle-Paint Furniture With Elmer's Glue
Give a chair, table or shelf an aged appearance using Elmer's glue to create a crackle painted surface. Crackle paint mediums are widely available at craft and home improvement stores, but the ...

Chelsie’s adorable nieces help her make an Easter craft
Mix together Elmer’s glue and water in a medium sized bowl until blended well. Next mix in food coloring. I did about 5 drops for a pastel color. Then add baking soda and contact solution.

See Korn's Fieldy Reveal His Unorthodox Mixed-Media Painting Series "Izms"
Fieldy then goes on to explain his process of mixing unorthodox materials such as his daughter's toy slime and Elmer's glue with acrylic paint to alter the texture and appearance of each piece. The ...

Korn’s Fieldy Is Selling 10 of His Paintings on Ebay
You can click each link to bid on individual prints In the video, he explains several of the different substances and mediums he used to create the paint, like slime and Elmer's glue. This process is ...

Aphid Suicide Squads Save Colonies With Body Ooze
They discharge a surprising volume of white fluid that looks a bit like Elmer’s glue, which they knead as it congeals and hardens, plastering the hole. They lose up to two thirds of their body mass.

11-year-old Clovis girl captivating people through her own slime business
She has been invited to several slime conventions and even took part in the Elmer's Glue national competition, The Ooey Gluey Slime Games. She made 9 gallons of slime as part of the challenge.

How to make a plant herbarium
Traditionally botanists used glass plates for this, but you can use an aluminum cookie sheet. Dilute some white glue (like Elmer's) with water and spread it in a thin layer over the cookie sheet. (For ...

The Specialty of Special Effects Makeup: William Penn Student Offers Special Effects Makeup Tutorial
DeGeest first became interested in special effects makeup when she used her mother’s safety pins, along with a hefty amount of Elmer’s glue, to make it appears as though her head had been stitched to ...

Tube wi-fi ‘turned off’ to stop Extinction Rebellion climate change protest
There has been a larger number of officers at Tube stations throughout the morning over fears climate protesters could be about to glue themselves ... and Birkbeck/Elmers End because of planned ...

Gotcha! The best April Fool's pranks companies are pulling this year
If your shampoo was swapped out for Elmer’s glue or if someone changed your pleasant alarm chime to hardcore death metal, you’ve probably realized that it’s April Fool’s Day. And of course, the trend ...

Turn some heads: William Penn student offers special effects makeup tutorial
DeGeest first became interested in special effects makeup when she used her mother’s safety pins, along with a hefty amount of Elmer’s glue, to make it appears as though her head had been stitched to ...

Review: “Rock of Ages” 10th Anniversary Tour at TPAC
And her voice isn’t screwing around either, kids. John-Michael Breen’s Lonny is a one-man Greek Chorus / Deux ex Machina / Fog Machine Master and is the Elmer’s glue that keeps this papier-mâché love ...