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News for Firefighter

Volunteer firefighter, 19, charged with deliberately lighting nine fires in Perth hills
A 19-year-old volunteer firefighter is accused of deliberately lighting multiple blazes, including one that sparked a major emergency on the outskirts of Perth on Boxing Day.

Firefighter injured in four-alarm fire in East Montreal
A Montreal firefighter was injured while battling a four-alarm building fire in the Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve borough.

Police: Firefighter found dead in Newark firehouse, another found unconscious
Authorities say the firefighter who died was a captain in the Newark Fire Department while the second firefighter is retired.

Fire captain found dead in Newark firehouse; retired firefighter hospitalized
A fire captain was found dead in a firehouse in Newark Saturday morning, authorities said. The fire captain was found unresponsive at the firehouse along Park Avenue. A retired firefighter was also ...

Funeral arrangements announced for St. Louis firefighter killed in house fire
A St. Louis firefighter died while battling a fire Thursday. The fire department received a call around noon for a fire at a two-story brick building in t ...

Funeral arrangements announced for St. Louis firefighter who died in line of duty
Funeral arrangements have been announced for a St. Louis firefighter killed while battling a house fire Thursday.

Funeral arrangements announced for St. Louis firefighter Benjamin Polson killed in roof collapse
The St. Louis Fire Department has announced the funeral arrangements for Firefighter Benjamin Polson who tragically died in the line of duty on Thursday when a roof collapsed as ...

Memorial to be held in Los Alamitos for firefighter who died in Rancho Palos Verdes house fire
The Los Angeles County Fire Department will host the service for Firefighter Jonathan Flagler of San Clemente at the Cottonwood Church in Los Alamitos on Friday, Jan. 21. Flagler was among the ...

Funeral arrangements announced for St. Louis firefighter Benjamin Polson, killed in the line of duty Thursday
Visitation will be held Wednesday at Kutis Funeral Home in the Affton area. The funeral will be held Thursday at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis.

'You know that they're heroes': St. Louis community remembers fallen firefighter
"Who else just jumps and runs into a fire? I know several firemen and I have great respect for them," said Connie Benson.

WA firefighter faces arson charges as sparkies warn of bushfire risk
A volunteer firefighter has been charged with lighting a string of fires that threatened dozens of homes during Perths Christmas heatwave.

Newark, NJ fire captain dead, retired firefighter hospitalized
Both individuals were found unresponsive, with no signs of violence, at a Newark firehouse on Saturday morning, prosecutors said.