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Cardi B Clapped Back After a Troll Mom-Shamed Her About Kulture's Pacifier
And she still sucks on a damn pacifier smh,” a Twitter user wrote in a since-deleted tweet on July 8th. Did they really think Cardi wouldn’t see this and hit back? Especially after she tweeted “Fuckin ...

Cardi B Just Dragged a Fan Who Criticized Her for Allowing Kulture to Use a Pacifier
Cardi B doesn't play about her daughter Kulture. The rapper just clapped back at a fan who criticized Kulture for using a pacifier at age 2.

Police: Man so forceful with pacifier he injured baby
Authorities allege a Northampton County man so forcefully pushed a pacifier into a baby’s mouth that he injured the child. The Moore Township Police Department charged James P. Moat with a felony ...

Cardi B’s Daughter Kulture Looks Adorable With Pigtails & A Pacifier Ahead Of 2nd Birthday
Cardi B’s daughter is growing up so fast! The almost 2-year-old rocked top knot pigtails and a diamond bracelet while playing at home on July 7. Cardi shared a cute clip of Kulture and ...

How and When to Introduce a Baby Pacifier So They Can Self-Soothe
Baby pacifiers and newborn pacifiers are tools that provide great comfort between feedings for both baby and parents. These suckable security blankets not only help with sleep and fussiness but they ...

Cardi B Claps Back At Troll Who Criticizes Kulture, 1, For Still Using A Pacifier: ‘Have A Kid First’
Cardi B made it clear that she won’t tolerate parenting critics in a savage clap back on Twitter on July 9. Here’s what the rapper had to say when someone questioned why her daughter ...

My Daughter’s Favorite Pacifier
The thing looked like it had been haphazardly pressed from a single piece of rubber. Our insurance probably received a $13,000 bill, but we thought of it as free. Our daughter gnawed on that pacifier ...

This portable sanitizer uses UV-C light to clean a pacifier in 59 seconds — it's easy to use and conveniently attaches to a diaper bag
The Munchkin Mini Sterilizer is a UV sanitizer that fits in a diaper bag. Here's what it's like to use and why I like it for sterilizing pacifiers.

2020 Future Trends in Baby Pacifier Market: Top Vendors doddle & co., Natursutten, Trebco Specialty Products, Koninklijke Philips
The baby pacifier market size was valued at 352 2 million in 2018 and is expected to reach 522 6 million by 2026 registering a CAGR of 5 10 from 2019 to 2026 The rise in number of infant population ...

Survivor Quarantine Questionnaire: Frosti relives the 'DRAAAAMAAA' of Survivor: China
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The untold truth of Viking berserkers
We know that Viking berserkers wore a lot of fur, and were probably deep into hallucinogens. That's right -- the ultimate Germanic iron age warrior was basically just a light-up pacifier away from ...