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News for Russia

A young violinist's lonely mission to pressure Russia on climate change
The young violinist holding a sign reading "Strike for Climate" on a Moscow square didn't have long to wait for the police to arrive. His one-man protest lasted just 30 minutes before he was detained ...

Average order value on AliExpress Russia doubles in 2020
During the first eight months of this year, the average ticket on AliExpress Russia almost doubled from the previous year to RUB1,500 ($20-$23), ...

Russia's season of war games unites West-weary allies
Russia is staging a series of military exercises with China and other allies amid growing alarm over fresh tensions with the West.

Fort Ross Venture Capital fund aims to invest $100mn in Russia and Eastern Europe tech
Just weeks after The Untitled announced plans to launch a new venture fund for Russia and Eastern Europe, Fort Ross Ventures, another ...

Russia projected to dominate global wheat exports for years to come
With grain production in Russia expected at record highs this year, the country has continued boosting exports and extending the list of its potential buyers. Algeria’s state grains agency said last ...

COVID-19 cases tick up in Russia to highest level in two months
New cases of COVID-19 in Russia have risen to 6,595, official daily data showed on Thursday, the biggest rise in over two months, and new infections in Moscow surpassed 1,000 for the first time since ...

Skeleton coach Matschenz received British interest before Russia swooped, RBF President claims
Matschenz spent two-and-a-half years as head coach of the German skeleton team before his contract came to an end earlier this month, as reported by Russia's official state news agency TASS. Under ...

'We're a tech company': Russia's Sberbank bets big on strategy shift
Sberbank, Russia's dominant lender, is planning one of the biggest reinventions in its 179-year history as it seeks to join the likes of Apple and Google in the global pantheon of Big Tech. Sberbank's ...

Russia reports 6,595 new coronavirus cases, 149 deaths
Russia on Thursday reported 6,595 new coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours, its highest daily increase since July 12.

Russia to supply 17 more countries with COVID-19 drug Avifavir
Russia's sovereign wealth fund and its partner Chemrar will supply the COVID-19 drug Avifavir to 17 additional countries, the fund said in a statement on Thursday. Avifavir gained approval from the ...

Russia's Lavrov, WHO Europe chief discuss virus fight
Russian foreign minister, WHO official express willingness to develop cooperation, help regional countries - Anadolu Agency ...

Trump administration scrambles to complete nuclear deal with Russia before election
US president has long sought to negotiate arms control deal with Moscow Frustration is mounting inside the Trump administration as Russia gives little indication of whether it will agree to an arms ...