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News for Sword

Miami-area teens involved in sword murder of high school student charged as adults, prosecutors say
Three teenagers involved in the brutal murder of a high school senior as he was being stabbed with a knife and sword will be charged as adults, authorities said Tuesday.

Three sword-wielding Florida teens are charged with murder after stabbing and beating classmate to death because he had sex with one of their ex-girlfriends
Dwight 'D.J.' Grant (pictured), 18, was stabbed in the neck with a small knife and later in the chest with a sword on October 17 in the stairwell of his apartment complex in Miramar.

Rotherham United 5 Manchester City U21s 0: Kieran Sadlier puts City youngsters to the sword
Kieran Sadlier’s stunning hat-trick secured Rotherham United top spot in Group E of the Northern Section of the Papa John’s Trophy after a 5-0 thrashing of Manchester City U21s at the AESSEAL New York ...

900-year-old sword found at the bottom of the sea
You might have heard of the sword in the stone, but what about the sword in the sea? A one-metre long sword, believed to be about 900-years-old, has been found by an amateur diver off Israel's ...

Terrifying moment thug, 32, armed with Samurai sword faces down police and motorists after 'attacking two men in attempted murder bid' - before he's blasted with Taser and arrested
The man was taken into custody and arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. Those injured in the Samurai sword attack in Crawley were taken to hospital with serious injuries.

Diver finds 900-year-old sword believed to belong to Crusader off the coast of Israel
The one metre-long blade has been described as a ‘beautiful and rare find’ n amateur diver has discovered a 900-year-old sword off the coast of Israel. The metre-long blade is believed to have once ...

Man charged with attempted murder after Samurai sword stand-off
A man has been charged with attempted murder after two men suffered serious injuries. An individual brandishing a samurai-style sword was seen in a stand-off with police on Friday evening. People in ...

Man speaks out about living with life-threatening heart defect which is like 'a sword hanging over you'
A Beeston man has spoken out about living with a life-threatening heart condition that is like "a sword hanging over you." Retired IT service manager Fergus Gordon, 65, has been living with an ...

Florida teens killed 18-year-old with sword after luring him with sex: cops
A Florida teenager was lured from his apartment with the promise of sex and stabbed to death with a sword in a murder plot hatched by three teens, reports said.

Northern Illinois police fatally shoot sword-wielding man
Police say a northern Illinois police officer shot and killed a man after he approached officers with a Samurai sword raised over his head and pointed the weapon at them.

Police: 3 Florida teens killed student with knife, sword
A high school student was ambushed and stabbed to death with a knife and sword by another teen who was angry the victim had previously had sex with the suspect’s ex-girlfriend, ...

Scuba diver finds 900-year-old Crusader sword off the coast of Israel
A scuba diver has found a 900-year-old Crusader sword with a three-foot blade off the coast of Israel. The amateur diver spotted the sword and other ancient artifacts on the seabed off northern Israel ...