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Three top Texas GOP officials who oppose expanding mail-in voting have each used it
Texas' top Republican officials call absentee voting a recipe for fraud, and are fighting efforts to expand it during the coronavirus pandemic. But the governor, lieutenant governor and attorney ...

Drug addict, 34, is caught on camera breaking into women's home to steal their used underwear
Meth addict Devon Eckersley (pictured), 34, stole used women's underwear from his neighbour's home multiple times in New Zealand's Hokitika in October and November last year.

Killer coal and other secret weapons used by WW2 special agents sell for £17k
Deadly items used by special agents have been auctioned, including a lump of coal that carried an explosive charge inside and a pocket watch camera, similar to James Bond ...

Princess Diana used to take Prince William and Prince Harry on ‘secret’ trips to McDonald’s for Happy Meal toys
SHE might have had access to the world’s top chefs – but when Princess Diana wanted to treat her sons, she’d simply take them to McDonald’s. According to former royal chef ...

Charged Minn. cop used ‘overkill’ tactics as nightclub guard
A white Minneapolis police officer and the black man he's charged with killing both worked as security guards at the same Latin nightclub as recently as last year, but its ...

Taiwan decriminalises adultery as court says law should not be used to punishment hurt feelings
Adulterers could previously serve up to a year in jail and would have a permanent criminal record. Rights groups have hailed the move from Taiwan's constitutional court in Tapei today.

Used Car Seller Billionaires Ernie Garcia II And Son Accused Of Insider Trading In Lawsuit
The father and son team behind Carvana, the online used car seller, along with the company’s directors and investment firms controlled by the Garcias, allegedly traded on coronavirus fears to buy up ...

Nation's police widely condemn move used to restrain George Floyd
"The police officer and those who were there that day failed George Floyd," said Chuck Wexler, executive director of the Police Executive Research Forum.

The best used estate cars for less than £5,000
These dependable budget estates could be just the thing for a family holiday in the UK or even farther afield as we emerge from lockdown ...

Britain’s hardest man’s tips for mental strength – which he used to swim 1,800 miles and run a marathon pulling a CAR
HE’S run a marathon pulling a 1,400kg car, climbed a vertical rope the exact height of Mount Everest and most recently earned himself a place in the Guiness book of World Records for swimming ...

Airport and zoo to be used as drive-in cinema venues
Several venues across the UK will be changed into temporary drive-in cinemas this summer. Birmingham Airport and Edinburgh Zoo will be among the places that films including Grease, Joker and Toy Story ...

Chris Jones hasn't talked contract with Chiefs since team used franchise tag, per report
The Kansas City Chiefs do have star defensive tackle Chris Jones under team control for the upcoming season after the club placed the franchise tag on him earlier this offseason, but the two sides don ...