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News for Yellow

Aaron Ramsdale leaves Arsenal fans baffled by wearing away kit in goal – but why is he in Gunners’ yellow shirt?
ARSENAL fans are left baffled by Aaron Rasmdale – who wore the AWAY kit in goal vs Newcastle. The all-yellow Arsenal outfield away kit was donned by Ramsdale, 23, in Saturday’s 2-0 ...

£34,050-a-year Kent private school that makes children wear yellow badges if they are exempt from wearing masks is slammed for the ‘inappropriate’ similarity to yellow ...
Farringtons School in Kent made facemasks mandatory for students amid concern over rising Covid-19 cases but said pupils who are exempt would have to wear an identifying yellow badge.

Bradley Walsh gives Blankety Blank contestant ‘yellow card’ after VERY rude comment about Greg Wallace
BRADLEY Walsh was forced to give comedian Roisin Contay a ‘yellow card’ on Blankety Blank after she made an incredibly cheeky comment about Greg Wallace. This week’s celebrity panel saw a panel of ...

Yellow peril for Scotland? Ukraine don't lose many - a World Cup play-off to savour
Name the country who have never beaten Scotland at Hampden but who won their last game at Hampden?It could be a quiz question. It’s certainly a puzzler for Steve Clarke, who will spend the next four ...

Storm Arwen: Hour-by-hour Met Office forecast for North East as yellow weather warning issued
A yellow weather warning has been issued for the North East as Storm Arwen continues to batter the region with gales and icy blasts. The warning from the Met Office for ice is in place from 5pm on ...

Yellow weather warning issued as 'icy stretches likely to form quickly' in the North East
The warning will be set in place from 5pm this evening, through until 11pm tomorrow night - as ice is set to hit the entire region.

Yellow weather warning: Scotland affected by ice across the weekend following Storm Arwen winds
Following the high winds and damage brought by Storm Arwen, a yellow warning of ice will affect the whole of Scotland throughout the weekend.

Storm Arwen weather forecast as yellow warning issued following night of chaos
Yellow warnings for both wind and ice have been issued by the Met Office after Storm Arwen battered the UK on Friday night. It’s set to remain bitterly cold across the region over the weekend, ...

Savannah Region: Yellow Fever death toll rises to 34
The Savannah Regional Health Director, Dr Chrysantus Kubio, has revealed that 34 people have so far died from the recent outbreak of the Yellow Fever in the Savannah Region.

Yellow weather warning for snow in West Berkshire this weekend
A yellow warning for snow has now been issued for tomorrow, across West Berkshire. A weather alert for wind is already in place, but now the Met Office has added the further warning. It is in place ...

Met Office issues double Yellow Warning for ice and wind for Doncaster
A yellow warning for ice has now been put in place from 5pm today until 11am Sunday. Although Storm Arwen which resulted in a rare red warning in some areas last night is starting to abate, there are ...