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India-China face-off at Gulwan Valley: Social media abuzz about PM Modi's silence, question his old tweets
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been questioned over his silence following the face-off between Indian and Chinese troops in eastern Ladakh's Galwan Valley that has left at least 35 Indian soldiers d ...

India-China Standoff: After Go Corona Go, Ramdas Athawale calls for ban on Chinese foods
China is a country that betrays. India should boycott all products that are made in China. All restaurants and hotels that sell Chinese food in India should be closed down, Ramdas Athawale said in his ...

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Directeur technique de Racing Point, Andrew Green est revenu sur les énormes difficultés financières subies par l'écurie lorsqu'elle s'appelait encore Force India, avant le rachat par un consortium me ...

'Ban Chinese food and hotels in India': Ramdas Athawale's 'suggestion' after violent face-off in Galwan Valley
20 jawans, including officers of the Indian Army, were killed in a violent face-off with the Chinese troops on Monday night in the Galwan Valley in Ladakh. More soldiers are "critically injured" and a ...

L’explosion du vol 182 d’Air India : une tragédie bien canadienne
Il y a 35 ans, le Canada connaissait l'attaque terroriste la plus meurtrière de son histoire. Les passagers du vol 182 d'Air India, en provenance de Toronto, sont morts quand leur avion a explosé au n ...

California accuses Cisco of job discrimination based on Indian employee's caste

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