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Archaeology breakthrough as 11-year-old finds 'rare' silver coin dated to 68 AD
ARCHAEOLOGISTS were left speechless after an 11-year-old girl and her family unearthed a "rare" silver coin dating back nearly 2,000 years.

‘Prithviraj Chauhan-era’ silver coins found in Baghpat mound
MEERUT: Amit Rai Jain, a businessman and history buff, was exploring the Khekhra region of Baghpat — close to the Delhi-Saharanpur highway — on Sunday, when he chanced upon a discovery that left him ...

Cache of Thousands of Ancient Roman Silver Coins Found in River
The silver coins minted in the denarii Roman currency were discovered in an old, gravel riverbed near the location of what was once an early military base. The coins, which weigh 33 pounds in total, ...

Rare silver ‘rebel coin,’ maybe minted at Temple 2,000 years ago, found in Jerusalem
Experts suggest shekel coin may have been made by priests assisting Great Revolt against Romans, using precious metal from holy site's plentiful reserves ...

11-year-old girl finds rare ‘Holy Jerusalem’ coin minted during Great Revolt against Rome
An 11-year-old girl in Israel found a rare silver coin from the first century, with the inscription “Holy Jerusalem,” while volunteering for an archaeological project, Israel Antiquities Authority has ...

Ancient coins found in UP's Baghpat
Amit Rai Jain, a Baghpat-based businessman, found the coins from a mound, known locally as the 'Katha mound' in Khekhra, close to the Delhi-Saharanpur highway ...

11-year-old finds ‘Holy Jerusalem’ silver coin likely minted in the Temple
The coin – 14 grams of pure silver - carries an inscription that according to the experts refers to the High Priest headquarters.

Rare coins price news – New England coin worth $350,000 found in candy tin – what could your old penny or dollar fetch?
A ONE shilling coin, one of the first minted in Colonial New England, sold at auction for more than $350,000 after being discovered in a candy tin. The coin was made in Boston in 1652 and is ...

Rare coin minted in 1652 sold to anonymous online bidder for a whopping Rs 2.6 crore
The one shilling silver coin, which was made in Boston in 1652, has now been sold for more than $3,50,000 at an online auction, reported Associated Press. The coin has the initials NE for New England ...

Prithviraj-Era Coins Excavated From Uttar Pradesh
Amit Rai Jain, a Baghpat-based businessman, has found 16 coins made of silver and copper which have a bull and a horseman engraved on them.

China to issue commemorative coins for Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympics
China's central bank will issue a set of commemorative coins for the Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games, The Xinhua News Agency reported.The coins, all legal ...

Commemorative coins to honor the XV Summit of ECO Heads of State
The country's central bank issued gold and silver coins on the occasion of the 15th Summit of Heads of State of the Organization for Economic Cooperation held in Ashgabat on November 28 of this year ...